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Why Do I Choose Home Business

home businessBy Rainy Lim - When I was a little kid, my childhood was filled with fears, uncertainty, disappointment and tears. She wanted to leave, but she couldn't because she doesn't have financial capability to feed her three young children. I saw her hopelessness and what it meant by not having the freedom of choice.

So when I grew up, I made a promise to myself, that regardless of whether or not I have a happy marriage, I must have the financial independence so I can have my freedom of choice. As I saw my dad and his success running his own business, I know that I must have my own business too. There is an old saying that employment keeps people poor, and I believe that.

No matter how big is our paycheck, it would always be living from paycheck to paycheck.

I crave to set my own hours, my own pay.

I want to approve my own leave, create my own future.

One day, my friend shared with me about her part-time home business. I rejected her because I thought its a selling business. But I was interested with the product. As I was desperately aging, I decided to follow her advise to renovate myself inside out. And I'm very grateful that because of her sharing, I got back my health, my confidence and my compliments.

The program works so well that everybody said I look younger and younger. As I was thrilled with the effectiveness of the products, I started to realize there is a huge potential out there, especially now that we have the smart phone and social media.

So I've decided to do the home business for some key reasons:

* I like the fact that my home business would allow me to generate recurring income to pay recurring bills.

* This business would allow me to work hard for 3 - 10 years and retire at full pay.

One quote resonates with me deeply, it said "It's amazing how people think 4 years is a long time to succeed in business but think it's alright to stay broke at a job for 40 years."

* Once the business is established, I would be able to spend more time with my family and live life in my own terms.

* It is a business that I can pass down to my beloved son.

I know that even if I climbed to the top of the corporate ladder, I wouldn't be able to pass down my seat to my children. At most, I can give them my name plate as memory for helping other people build their dream.

As I fell in love with the business values and culture, I know for sure that when I succeed in my home business, I would have grown to be a better person because in order to succeed in this business, I must be willing to help people get what they want and help them change their life for the better.

My faith in the home business keep growing as witness true stories of people who succeeded in their home business. I saw them having the freedom to live life in their own terms, they work because they choose to work and not because they have to work.

I saw them being able to spend more time with their family and live a fulfilling life. As they grow into a 'bigger' individual with unlimited resources, they are able to impact thousands of life by helping others unleash their greatness to live their dream. And I've seen how they are changing the world and fighting poverty. I want to be just like them.

I am grateful that I found my life purpose. And if you can see what I see, perhaps we can create something special together.

With Love,


In Authenticity and Courage

I believe that there is a better way to live, and if you are searching for clarity and courage despite all fears and uncertainty, follow me in my journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary.


Rainy In authenticity and passion.

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