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Opportunities for Mathematician in Industry

Opportunities for Mathematician IndustryOpportunities for Mathematician

1.Mathematics is a subject that has been studied for several hundred of years, much new mathematicians has been motivated by practical problem. Mathematical models have also been used by industry to improve production, increase profits and generally improve the complicated processes.

2.There are great benefits to be gained from employing applied mathematics in industry.

3.For engineering, engineering means technical problems can be formulated as mathematical problems and there by analysed and solved more efficiently.

4.One advantage that an applied mathematician has is that because mathematics is a universal language one can able to communicate with other scientists from a wide variety of disciplines.

5.Mathematical models can be used to help understand the underlying physics, chemistry and biology of some processes.

6.The applied mathematician working in an engineering or scientific environment must be a ‘Jack’ of all trade. i.e. one must have good scientific general knowledge and also be skilled at formulating mathematical descriptions of practical problems.

7.Traditionally applied mathematics students are taught mathematical methods and these are practiced on standard problems which are already posed in mathematical form.

Water Filter, Laser drilling, Factory Fire in Mathematical View

Water Filtration :

The method of extracting salt from water is to use a process called reverse osmosis. This method involves water passing through a semi-permeable membrane and leaving the salt behind. In this process a major problem that the salt accumulates at the semi-permeable membrane and restricts the passage of water through it.

In this way, mathematicians will develop simple diffusion model in an attempt to predict the salt build up along the semi permeable membrane. To do this the mathematician will introduced by the method of stretching transformations as a method for solving the resulting diffusion equations.

Laser drilling :

This method is one of the major case in which a high intensity laser or electron beam is focused on a sheet of metal. The laser drills a hole through the metal and mathematicians will predict how fast this Laser drilling will occur. Thus problem is of great interest in many industries where lasers are now being used for cutting and welding.

Factory Fires:

The aim here is to determine if ignition can occur due to heating of dust piling up on hot presses. Oxidation of dust creates heat which may cause the dust to ignite. This is a situation that a factory must prevent from happening. Thus our mathematician will use a mathematical model to determine for which thickness of dust layer ignition occurs.
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