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Know About Heat and Temperature

about heat and tempratureHeat and Temperature

Definition of heat

Heat is a form of energy and may be measured in joules. The heat energy of a rigid body is the kinetic energy due to internal random motion of many vibrating constituent molecules. As heat is added to the body energetic molecular collision occur more frequently.

In the kinetic theory, temperature is interpreted as the measured of average internal kinetic energy of constituent particles. The total heat energy is proportional to the temperature of an object and it’s mass, later being a measure of number of particles.

Definition of Temperature

Temperature is a property that determines the rate at which heat is transferred to or from object. Heat energy flows from hot to cold body.

Temperature is defined according to a scale which depends on the expansion properties of certain materials. Temperature is usually measured in degrees Celsius (0C) or Kelvin (K)

Thus 10°C means that mercury in a thermometer will rise to a given height, representing this temperature. Note that 0 K=-273°C. The Kelvin scale is designed to mean that 0 K corresponds to zero internal vibration [absolute zero]

Distinguish between heat and temperature


Heat is a form of energy.

Heat is the cause.

It is the sum of all the molecules in the system or body.

Heat flow does not depend on amount of heat energy present.

Heat is measured in Joules.


Temperature measures degree of hotness

Temperature is the effect

It is the average Kinetic energy of the molecules.

Heat flows from higher temperature to lower temperature by itself

Temperature is measured in kelvin
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