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What is Science and Technology

Science And TechnologyOur age is called the age of science and technology. The people of present day or age are enjoying luxurious and comfortable life. In older days the life was inconvenient and trouble some. There were no facilities of leading comfortable life.

Due to much technical and scientific invention like Electricity, Telephone, television, Aero planes, Steam ship, Train, cars, and Radio computer etc, we enjoy the world, and leading a luxurious life.

In older days the journey was made by Horses, Camel, and Bullocks carts which took month’s and years, but now due to invention of Trains, motor cars, Ship and Are planes the journey is within short span of time. We can listen news from any part of the world setting in our house, Television is also the most useful invention of this century. The world has become like one family. We can talk with a person living in Europe and America through telephone and send massages to any part of the world through telegrams and all.

Before the invention of printing press, books were very rare. Books were written by hands, which took much time and energy. Due to invention of press, thousands of books were printed and sold in cheap rates. Computer is one of the most remarkable inventions of science.

Now-a-days computers are use widely through out the world. Computers are doing to each and every type of work. We see computers are every department from like in schools, in hospitals, in offices and also in markets. Thus, scientific invention should be used for the benefit to humanity.
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