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What is Emotional Intelligence in Human Life

Emotional IntelligenceEmotional intelligence Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the process involved in the recognition, use, understanding and management of one’s own and other’s emotional states to solve emotional laden problems and regulate behavior. Emotional intelligence, refers to an individuals capacity to reason about emotions and to process emotional information to enhance reasoning. Emotion intelligence is a member of on emerging group of mental abilities alongside, social, practical and personal intelligences.

Researchers have focused the definition of emotional intelligence on a set of mental skills. They define emotional intelligence as a set of four abilities pertaining to:

(a) Accurately perceiving and expressing emotion
(b) Using emotion to facilitate cognitive activities.
(c) Understanding emotions and
(d) Managing emotions for both emotional and personal growth.

Perceiving emotion refers to the ability to perceive and identify emotions in oneself and others, as well as in other stimuli, including peoples voices, stories, music and works of art. Using emotion refers to the ability to harness feelings that assist in certain cognitive enterprises, such as problem solving, decision making, and interpersonal communication and also leads to focused attention and possibly creative thinking.

Understanding emotions involves knowledge of both emotion-related terms and of the manner in which emotions combine, progress and transition from one to the other. Managing emotions includes the ability to employ strategies that alter feelings and the assessment of the effectiveness of such strategies.
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