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What are Natural Disaster and Man Made Disaster?

natural and man made disastersDisasters do not only affect the health of the people and well being of the people, frequently, large number of people of displaced, killed or injured or subjected to greater risk of epidemics. Considerable economic loss is also common. Disasters cause great harm to the existing infrastructure and threaten the future of sustainable development. Disasters are not confined to a particular part of the world; they can occur any where and at any time.

This can be defined as the any occurrence that causes damage, ecological disruption, loss of human life or deterioration of health and health services on scale sufficient to warrant on extraordinary response from outside the affected community or area.

Types of Disaster

There are two types: They are

1. Natural disaster

2. Man made disaster

1. Natural Disaster

• Hurricanes
• Tornadoes
• Hailstones
• Tsunami
• Blizzards
• Drought
• Floods
• Mudslides/land slides
• Earthquakes
• Volcanic eruption

2. Man made disaster

• Explosions
• Pollution
• Terrorists attacks
• Conventional warfare
• Non-conventional warfare
• Transportation accident
• Fires
• Toxic materials

Epidemiology of disaster Epidemiology is the study of pattern of diseases occurrence in human population and factors that influence these patterns. By using epidemiological frame work of agent, host and environment, we can predict prevent or control, the outcome of disaster.
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