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Occupational stress and Problems of IT Professionals

stressOccupational stress, problems and coping strategies of IT professionals


As the software professional are considered as the backbone of IT industry, it aims to find out job stressors and their implications on the job performance of software professionals.

Software professionals have medium, level of stress, job security, job satisfaction and workload are found to impart stress on software professional.

Occupational stress is a term used to define ongoing stress that is related to the workplace. The stress may have to do with the conditions that are based in the corporate culture (i.e., corporate culture is a term used to describe the collective beliefs, value system and attitude and processes that provide a company with its own unique flavor (attitude) and personality conflicts. As with other forms of tension, occupation stress can be eventually affect both physical and emotional wellbeing if not managed effectively.

Stress is an inherent factor in any type of vocation or career. At its best, the presence of stress, can be a motivation that urges the individual to strive for excellence. However, excess amounts of stress can lead to a lack of productivity a loss of confidence and the inability to perform routine tasks. As a result quality employees lose their enthusiasm for their work and eventually withdraw from the company.

When left unchecked occupational stress can lead to emotional and physical disorders that began to impart personal as well as professionals lives. The individuals may develop of level of tensions that interfere with sleep making relaxing outside the workplace impossible, over time the stress can trigger emotional such as anxiety depression and in some cases various phobias that further inhibit the ability to enjoy any aspect of living.

Stress is an normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way when you sense danger-whether its real or imagined the body’s defuses kick into high gear in a rapid automatic processes known as the fight or flight reaction or the stress response.


Coping is the process of managing demands (external or internal) that are appraised as taming exceeding the resources of the persons “Coping consists of efforts, both action – oriented and intrapsyhic, to manage (that is master, tolerate, reduce, minimize) environmental and internal demands and conflicts amongs them.


Research has also focused on more specific coping strategies as well as general coping strategies. This shift has occurred in part because recent research has questioned whether general coping styles measured at the trait level really predict how people behave in specific.


Stress is a negative emotional experience accompanied by predictable biochemical, physiological, cognitive and behavioral changes that are directed either toward altering the stressful event or accommodating to its effects.

The modern world, which it said to be a world of achievements, is also a world of a stress, on finds stress everywhere whether it be within the family, business organization/enterprise or any other social or economic activity, right from the time of birth till the last breath drawn, an individual is in variably exposed to various stressful situation.

State the problem

To study the occupational stress and coping strategies among IT professionals.


1.Independent variables
2.Dependent variable
a.Occupational stress
b.Coping strategies


1.The main objective of this study is to find out, the level of occupational stress of IT professionals.
2.To study the type of coping strategies of IT professionals.
3.To examine gender differences in occupation stress and coping strategies.


1.IT professionals will have significant high level of stress.
2.There is significant difference in the stress level of male/female IT professionals
3.There is significant differences in the type of coping strategies used by male/female IT professionals
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