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Importance and Uses of Television

TelevisionTelevision is the most useful invention of the 20th century. It is very important thing for increasing our knowledge as well as amusement, we can enjoy sitting in our house. We can see any program as per our interest like Games, Pictures, Education, Dramas, and News etc.

Television is useful for children as well as elder. Now education is being given in schools through Television. It give as knowledge as well as entertainment, Television is classified in different categories like instructive, Social, Moral, Literacy and educational activities. We can know the activities of foreign countries through Television. We can see the cricket matches play all parts of the world sitting in our home gained much importance and become popular.

We can see historical and religious dramas day by day people liked them and praised very much and get experiences. But we can see there are so many disadvantages of television. It is said that television effects on mind and eye sight. It also effect on children particularly so children should avoid the programmer which prepared for elders. Such type of programmer effect badly on children’s or innocent’s mind and heart. So they should see only educational program occasionally.

Thus television is one of the most significant invention of science and technology. It has advantages as well as so many disadvantages. So we use to avoid bad things and had program and also dirty pictures which shows in television. We only see educational program and news and try to gained much more knowledge through these program.
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