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Emotional Maturity and Self Confidence among Adolescents

Emotional Maturity and Self ConfidenceEmotional Maturity

Emotions occupy a place of great importance in human life because they make our life infinitely varied, interesting, pleasurable, thrilling existing and beautiful life without emotions will be as dull, drab and monotonous as that of a machine or a compaction as that of a machine or a computer. But this only one side of the coin. Emotions can be integrating as well as disintegrating. They can turn life into a virtual hell of their expressions are not tapered and cultivated with the almost care. When emotions run berserk they pour the greatest danger of life. The influence of emotions on human life is so pervasive that over without our knowing it, emotional undercurrents can influence our perception, interests, attitudes, prejudices, thoughts and learning in short. Every aspects of our behavior.

Children and adolescents less mature emotionally because they have not yet acquired enough control over their environment. The adult is able to control his environment in a much better mariner, because of his numerous powers. Therefore, he has greater emotional stability. This stability begins to come as adolescence starts. The adolescents naturally differ from one another in their emotional stability.

Self Confidence Among Adolescents

Self confidence is an attitude which all over individuals have positive yet realistic views of themselves and their situations. Self confident people trust their own abilities have a general sense of control in their lives and believe that, within reason, they will be able to do what they wish, plan and expect. An individuals success or failure depends upon his abilities. In other works, in doing any work how one perceives himself whether he can do their this work, will attain success or not, all these perceptible factors determine the output. This obviously speaks of one’s level of confidence. “Confident, valuable stable, satisfied smart, active popular” etc. It is perception of qualities such as these in himself that constitutes an individuals self-confidence.

Adolescence is the bridge between childhood and adulthood. It is a time of rapid development of growing to sexual maturity, discovering one’s real self, defining personal values and finding one’s vocational and social direction. Adolescence is the period of psychological and social transition, between childhood and adulthood, transition involves biological (i.e., pubertal) and psychological changes. Adolescence is also a social phenomena, therefore, its endpoints are not necessarily tied to physical milestones derives from the latin verb adoare meaning to “to grow up” Adolescence is generally considered somewhere between ages 12 and 14 and end at 19 or 20, with the period in between definite dramatic changes in the body, developments in a persons psychology and transitions throughout academic career.
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