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Emotional Intelligence on Mental Health among Adolescents

Emotional IntelligenceAdolescence is period of storm and stress, a period of transition between childhood and adulthood. There is not a definite hour when adolescence begins, process of blossoming. The earlier stages of adolescence are very fluctuating. Security is the basic need of a child while the freedom which involves responsibility and risks is essential for the growth of an individual. Between childhood and adulthood are varieties of moods, attitudes and dispositions during adolescence.

Adolescents have a so many struggles and conflicts during this period that their reactions are sometimes misunderstood by parents and friends. Changes take place in many respects, physical and emotional. During adolescence physical development takes place in noticeable forms. The rate of growth is very rapid during these years. There are facts of growth and development forms. The rate of growth is very rapid during these years.

There are facts of growth and development vital to adjustment during adolescence, including sexual maturity, the maturity of girls in the early years of adolescent is striking. The adolescents motors ability continue to depend on physical maturation. Intelligence, post experience, opportunities available, and self-conception are very important factors. Because of rapid gains is strength, at this stage influencing ones development, capacity for coordinated movement and intelligence, most children reach the peak of their performance during adolescence. Another aspect of physical development involved at this time is the adolescents health.

The process of sexual maturity, enormous gains in height, weight and strength and changing physical appearance are of great concern to them. Physical appearance is especially important and heath problems like acne assume tremendous importance. In order to control this, one must restrict some kinds of foods, such as soft drinks and chocolates. Adolescents also need more ship than would be required at a slower growth rate. Adolescent not only grows physically, but also mentally. His intelligence widens and becomes more explicit through these years, his ability to think and reason deepens and he becomes increasingly aware of current events and world affairs. His search for and he becomes more realistic. Each period of a child development is interesting in its own way. Each offers its own distinctive challenges and opportunities to those who have to deal with boy and girls.

Adolescence, in many ways, presents the most exciting challenges because it is the time of transition when they begin to wonder about life and its mysteries. One important aspect of the transition from childhood to adulthood is the emerging sex life. Attaining mature attitudes in regard to sex a major challenge of the adolescent years. Adolescents need to understand and accept the great physiological changes but also strange desires and drives confronting the adolescent.

Along with physiological and emotional changes during the adolescent years, both boys and girls m u establish new relationship with others, with own sex and the opposite sex. This includes understanding and accepting ones own sexual role and also that of individuals of the opposite sex. The interest of boys and girls in each others is one of the major characteristics of adolescence. A mature person sees sex in the total setting of life itself-not as something apart. So a sex relationship has its richest setting and greatest emotional value when life is shared in all its aspects-physical, emotional, intellectual, social and economic.

The second major challenge of adolescence is choosing a vocation and planning further education. When the adolescent begins thinking of the possibility of marriage and a family, he must also begin to think of how he will earn a living. Girls begin to think choosing a vocation and planning further education even though they usually end up getting married. However, girls may wish to support themselves before marriage and many want to continue their profession after marriage.
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