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How to choose appropriate Wires and Cables?

To get the most out of your audio-visual equipment, it is important to understand the basics of the different types of cables and wires, so you can pick good quality connectors for the best possible signal transfer. There are a few things you should know in order to efficiently upgrade your gear’s connectivity. This guide will help you in learning about the various types of cables and connectivity options out there, and the benefits of each connection, so you can find a suitable cable for different applications and systems.

DVI ConnectionDVI Connection

Digital Visual Interface is meant for digital-to-digital video connection, a high-bandwidth that bypasses analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue conversions required between components, with just component video connections. This is good for a better reproduction of the original signal since it eliminates unwanted conversions.

HDMI ConnectionHDMI Connection

High-Definition Multimedia Interface, the advanced version of DVI, adds digital audio transmission. So a single sleek HDMI cable can provide A/V connectivity with high bandwidth, due to which it is capable of transmitting uncompressed high definition video signals. Connections made through HDMI cables have High Definition Content Protection protocol enabling all HDMI cables to pass copy-protected content.

Fire wire, iLink or IEEE-1394 ConnectionFire wire, iLink or IEEE-1394 Connection

It is used for exchange of information between electronic devices and PCs. It enables high-speed transfer where massive amount of data is concerned. IEEE-1394 connectivity is generally used in connection of digital camcorders with PCs for editing purposes. However, it is also being employed as an all-round digital A/v connection of late.

RGB ConnectionRGB Connection

Used for PCs, this is used to transmit video data in multiple resolutions and formats. Depending on the format, it is labelled as SVGA, XGA, VGA, WXGA, WSVGA or WVGA. Besides PCs, it is also used in high-end TVs these days for digital convergence, which allows you to use TV as a monitor.

Component Video ConnectionComponent Video Connection

Component video is better than both S-video and composite video because it delivers improved color detail and purity with less colour noise. However, it is inferior to digital connections such as the ones discussed above. A DVD player’s 3-plug video output sends or receives the luminance signal along with 2 color signals on separate colored RCA cables.

Composite Video ConnectionComposite Video Connection

This type of connection is better than RF connection. It uses a jack and an RCA-type plug for direct video connection. When composite video cables are bundled together with stereo audio cables, the combination is known as A/V cables.

Video ConnectionVideo Connection

This is vastly superior to composite video connection but inferior to component video. It separates luminance and chrominance signals to provide better reproduction from DVD players and other high quality video sources.

Optical Digital Audio ConnectionOptical Digital Audio Connection

An optical or coaxial digital connection between a CD/DVD player and receiver comes handy. Optical cables are not vulnerable to RF or EM interference as optical cables do not send signals electrically, but in the form of light.

Stereo or 5.1-Channel Audio Connection (Analog)Stereo or 5.1-Channel Audio Connection (Analog)

With 2-channel analogue audio connectivity between a CD/DVD player and home theatre receiver or TV stereo’s audio inputs, this connection transfers signals better than RF A/V connections. However, a digital connection is the best option.
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