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My Health Is Wealth – Dominate Industries – A New MLM

moringaThe Owners of My Health is Wealth is the professional and passionate ones. Because in the world where the MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Selling is Dying in India, The leaders are leaving the field totally this company has launched a MLM Business with a great exclusive and innovative product in the Market- The Moringa – The Miracle tree Capsules for more than 300+ diseases nutritional support to people of India Who can make their life healthy – By the help of Dominate Industries they are manufacturing the Moringa capsules the – Miracle supplements not by just saying also you can see the discovery documentary about Moringa.

My Health Is Wealth – Dominate Industries – A New MLM

Then what is MY Health is Wealth

My Health is Wealth is a company that markets exclusive and innovative Moringa throughout India through its unique system that encourages and supports the use and retail sales of its Moringa Product through Independent Promoters.

My Health Is Wealth provides the promoters with the best quality Moringa, support staff and marketing plan in the industry.

Here, we can have an opportunity to enjoy wealth and successful future. This success is not just for us but all of your family members. We do not need to bring any type of risk in this business. We can do this business without leaving your own profession. It may be an extra huge income for us to fulfill our all needs and interests for a good standard of living.

Let Us see the Compensation Plan for Users and Promoters of Moringa – The Miracle Capsules:-

First of all we have a first time 1:1 - 2X Infinity Matching Bonus.

How I will explain It :

The company has a Free Joining with Purchase of 3 month course of moringa capsules 3 bottles of 60 caps each which has MRP of Rs. 4500/- but you will get it for Rs- 3500/- As DP Rate which you can use or sale it in the market for profit of difference between MRP and DP. How it is free then – No registration fees.

Say you have purchased 3 bottles of DP Price then you will get a PIN by which you can add your details on the compensation website where you will get a ID and the Second Income which is fully unique in INDIA and no company has introduced such an unique plan.

i.e UPliner Residual Income – As soon as you get logged in the system of MYHEALTHISWEALTH through the given pin you will get a unique website free of cost to manage your business and 40 Upline Promoters who joined before you from all over india – to earn the income from their Matching income you will get 2% from all the 40 uplines for each matching they make.

For ex – For each matching they will earn Rs. 500/- and you will get 2% - Rs. 10/- , you can earn Rs. 300/- from each id if they make ceiling – because they have the limit of Rs. 15000/- per day so you will get Rs. 300/- from each id and there are such 40 id – Say if all the above 40 uplines make ceiling daily you will get Rs. 300 from each and you can earn Rs.12000/- without any work you have done.

Second is the same upline income – Just like the 40 uplines you can also earn daily Rs. 300 from your Direct Sponsor too which is called direct upline residual income.

Next is the first direct bonus income from A AND B – Say you have sponsored 2 people in the team you can earn 10% of their matchings say if your downline A is matching 1 pair – you will get Rs. 50/- and if they match ceiling daily – Rs. 1500 daily from each of you downline.

There are many such incomes by which you can make you life healthy and wealthy.

Another Best income in the plan is the C income.

Say if you are sponsoring C and the downline is growing from 5th level to 25th level you will get Rs.10/- for each ID for Unlimited Depth.

And more such incomes are there by which the company has the potential of Growing very fast in India, because all the sleeping leaders are catching the concept knocking to their doors.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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