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How to choose the best in-ear headphones

headphones1Most people find it a daunting task to purchase the best ear bud headphones for their jazzy media devices. It is observed that most users consider headphones with impressive design, decent price and brand equity as the best in-ear headphones in the world. In addition to these factors, it is important to take the technical specifications of the headphones into account. Most users overlook the specifications marked in the packaging of the headphones. These technical specifications are essential for accurately assessing whether a particular pair of headphones will deliver the expected sound quality. Let’s look at some of these specifications which can help in identifying a good pair of headphones.


headphones4The typical frequencies used for headphones include 60 Hz to 25 kHz and 15 Hz to 20 kHz. Sound is measured in hertz. The speakers deliver more bass when the hertz is lower. On the other hand, when the hertz is higher, more treble is achieved.


headphone5A durable pair of headphones is required to ensure that they don’t wear out in a short time. These headphones use electricity which carries a vibrational frequency. Impedance is used to eliminate this hiss sound. It is measured in ohms. High impedance signifies that the headphones can provide clearer and better sound quality. It is ideal to purchase a pair of headphones with the highest impedance to experience amazing sound quality. If you want headphones that would let you enjoy music without raising the volume excessively then, you should opt for the best noise canceling headphones. They are useful for reducing unwanted ambient sounds and for improving the overall listening experience.


headphones3Sensitivity is calculated with sound pressure levels and measured in decibels. The lowest audible sound is at 0 dB while the highest sound level is at 85 dB which can cause hearing loss. While choosing a pair of headphones, it is necessary to select one that can get loud, though not damagingly so. Also, you need to ensure that you listen to music at optimum levels as excessive loudness can hamper hearing ability.

Nominal power handling capacity

Before choosing the pair of headphones, it is essential to know the amount of power they can take before they wear out. Usually, the packaging of in-ear headphones indicates the maximum power. Maximum power is the highest your headphones can operate at before sounding like they just exploded. It is essential to operate your headphones at low power levels which ensures that they last for a long time.

Lows, Mids and highs

headphones2A normal human ear cannot bear sound at 20 kHz, so it is necessary to look at the high kilohertz of output when shopping for headphones.

When choosing headphones, it is necessary to determine whether you want wireless headphones or noise canceling headphones. Additionally, it is also essential to check the number of drivers and decibel ratings they provide. With a high decibel rating, you will be able to get greater sound levels. These specifications will surely help in deciding the right pair of headphones for getting a great sound experience.
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