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Published by on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 5:39:00 PM

Buy Upgrade or Not – New Microsoft Windows 8

windows8If you are using Windows XP and you have an old laptop or desktop be there and use it forever because I do not recommend you to use or buy windows 8 because it is not made for you, as per my knowledge windows 8 is made for those computers who have touch screen and it looks awesome to use on touch screen laptops but if you are using windows 8 on your old pc monitors ha it looks bad and also you will face lot of problems to find what you have the habits of using your things on windows XP.

So I do not recommend old pc users to buy windows 8 or upgrade to windows 7 or windows 8, Be with Windows XP and be happy, If you got the news that you will not get support for your windows XP no matter you are now used to it and you will get all the things done as you are in good practice by using the Windows XP.

There are some technical things for which I do not recommend windows 8 is you have to create the partitions NTFS for windows 8 and if you are using ghost or you need fat32 partitions then you are gone you will not find the way to make ghost backup with your old way of taking the backup and it is faster and safer to protect your things from various viruses.

If you like the newer things then you have to sacrifice the older best things what I want to say is you cannot to the work as faster as you were on windows XP.

But if you have time to learn then it is OK for going the touch screen version of Windows 8, But I think you have to buy the touch screen monitor and high speed computer for getting things happily by which you can enjoy the full features of Windows 8.

I feel good working on Windows XP because I installed my Windows XP on FAT Partition C and I kept the Ghost Backup of My Installed Windows XP and other software which I require on the other drives and it requires FAT Partitions to recover the backup from Drive D to C which is not possible for Windows 8 Users and for that you have to buy the Licensed Version of Antivirus and also there is no guaranty it will protect you from new arriving viruses.

Hence I use Ghost Backup so I can recover the Ghost file from my FAT 32 Partitions and Use happily without wasting my time for a new install for all software things.

So If you like to USE GHOST Backup then you need Windows XP which can be installed on FAT32 Partitions and if you like to upgrade or buy Windows 8 then forget Ghost and FAT32 and go for it and spend as much money you need for protection software.

Windows 8 is Build with by keeping lots of things in mind but not for virus things. So I Suggest Microsoft to Build Antivirus with Windows 8 to protect all the old viruses’ worms’ spywares older and newcomer then Windows 8 will be the best operating system in the world.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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