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What I like to eat most? Chicken Recipes obviously

Chicken Recipe - Chicken BIRYANIEveryone likes to eat, but what they like to eat is most important one, Mostly people from non vegetarian category like to eat chicken recipes. Even me I like to eat chicken recipes made at home. The Chicken recipes mostly prepared at my house are Chicken BIRYANI, and I like the taste as well as home- made chicken MASALA the best one.

And people always try to eat the junk food, like chicken 65, chicken TANDORI, etc. I too like to eat those chicken recipes but home-made one the taste of home-made chicken 65 and chicken TANDORI is unforgettable one.

When I visit to good hotels and restaurants I like to eat chicken KADAI, chicken chili and butter chicken with TANDUR ROTI. Vow, so tasty ones

Whenever I visit to Hyderabad, I like to eat chicken BIRYANI the very famous chicken BIRYANI is only prepared in Hyderabad.

While in college those days I will not forget when I use to work with one irani hotel preparing chicken sandwiches for foreign students from SUDAN and Palestine.

I use to work part-time to complete my expenditure in the hotel their I use to prepare Chicken Sandwiches to serve for all foreign students and I always like to eat those chicken sandwiches made by myself so tasty and never forgettable Now I am out of those days and Like to prepare at home the same thing whenever I get time to cook.

Friends never are ashamed to cook and tell what you like and if you eat chicken recipes in your life you will enjoy the tasty life so try chicken recipes once in your life. Happy CHICKEN RECIPES!
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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