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Keva Industries Some Changes will Boom this MLM

Keva Industries A New MLM Business in IndiaKeva Mineral DropsIn this competition stage of MLM, Direct Marketing, Direct Selling, Network Marketing World, Many Companies are struggling and failing due to lack of something wrong in their products or compensation plans and if everything is fine then Government is catching them for not having correct form of business ethics.

After studying the Keva Industries Business Plan and Products I came to conclusion that No business will compete to the products of this business and compensation plan. But to get best boom it has to make some changes to the Joining procedure and PV plan to the products I bet it will boom in India very soon.

What are the changes to be done are written as follows

First the products are fine but to be launched in one range of rates say it has MRP 1199 – I suggest it should be MRP – Rs. 1200 - DP – Rs. 750 and PV 25 each bottle of Rs. 1200 MRP.

This will be very fine if done so one will buy a package of 100PV in DP Rate i.e Rs. 3000/- which will allow him to join the business.

And In the Compensation plan make for first payout 100PV and 150PV or 150PV 100PV Matching Rs. 500/- So It will become easy to manage the joining procedure.

And No need to make compulsory repurchase to release repurchase income so people if understood the repurchase plan they will sell more than the condition if there is no condition and give Rs. 30 for each bottle sale up to 10 levels and Rs. 10 after 10th level and up to 20 levels.

These are the minimum changes to make in the Keva Business Plan it will work fine without any disturbances to the leaders and distributors and it will give a boom to the Keva direct selling business in India and no other business in India is giving such a great compensation plan.

I will write more to give a real win win plan to boom the Keva MLM Business, Keva Industries, Keva Direct Selling Business – This above plan will work and no objection from Govt. will come in future because it is totally product base business and compensation plan do not have any conditions neither in the Joining Plan nor in the Repurchase plan.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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