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Why to Use Macros in Microsoft Word?

Record A MacroMacros available in MS Office is based on Visual Basic Programs, We can record a macro for our use in office while working say if we need something again and again while typing and have to apply many things again and again then if we record the macro and keep it saved with a special shortcut key then we can use it in the word in our regular typing work.

How to record a macro?

Say for example we need a name which is long and have to apply bold, italic and size to it which we need several times in our daily routing work, not only name but anything which you need several times in our daily working schedule can be recorded with a different shortcut key can be useful in our daily routine work.

Now let us see for name we need in our office routine work we will record it in a macro and it can be used with a shortcut key several times in our documents.

Macro NameFirst go to VIEW option in the Top Menu bar of ms word and find out the last button saying macros, click the little arrow and you will find RECORD A MACRO option a popup window will appear and you a give name to the macro which you are going to record say RP-NAME it should be a single word then click on the keyboard icon available it will ask you to "PRESS SHORT CUT KEY" so now you can press a shortcut key say SHIFT CNTRL N which is the new shortcut key for you macro.

Macro Shortcut KeyYou will a cassette icon which can start recording whatever you are doing in the word document.

After doing the recording what you want just stop the recording and the recorded thing is in your assigned macro name is stored which you can use whenever you need while typing the documents.

You just need to press the assigned key for your macro the text is typed down for you automatically, you can use as many as recordings with different keywords for your requirements of daily use.

Stop Record MacroSometimes you need currency symbols, formulas, etc which you need not type again and again just store the things in the macros for different shortcut keys and just you have to remember the short cut keys and you are done it save time and again and again typing the same thing.
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