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Sell Your Old Stuff Online With Quickr and Olx

sell you old belonging on OLX and QUICKROlder days are gone when we were searching for kabadis or agents to sell our old stuff. And now with the help of technology and portal sites we are getting market place websites online, yes specially in India it is OLX and QUICKR making the market place website easy for people to sell their stuff online.

OLX and QUICKR are free to add our stuff to sell online they do not charge you it is totally free of cost, may be they get their income through advertisements from their websites by publishing ads for companies.

All in all what we need is a free site to sell our belongings online so I found two which are very famous online they are OLX and QUICKR.

So friends what to sell – I will give you a good suggestion on what to sell on these sites. There are lots of things in our house which we do not need or which we are going to buy new ones, Say We have purchased a Bicycle for our child when he was very young to use it and now he is grown up and not using it and there is no one to use it but it is in good condition so why to keep it in go down lets sell it and we have so many things which are in go downs or in our back yards or many things which we bought at our home but not in use for long period so why to waste it sell online.

How to sell our stuff online:

First of all we have to take snaps pictures or photos of the stuff/ belonging we have and go to the online website of your choice say OLX.IN or QUICKR.COM.

As soon as you visit the site you will find “POST FREE ADD” OR “SUBMIT AN ADD” BUTTONS click on them.

Second thing they will ask you is to select the CATEGORY for which your stuff is suited.

Say you have selected the CARS and Bikes category and the bicycles, Or Vehicles category and in that Bicycles, Now you have to click the radio buttons for “I WANT TO SELL” ADD the TITLE, PHOTOS, BRAND NAME If available, Model No. If available, purchased year if you know, Condition, and You can also write full description for you belonging. You can mention fixed price, or other options available.

And the Last thing is you have to mention the details of you, say your Name, Contact Number, Address, and Location if possible. And it is over within no time your stuff will get sold because you will start receiving calls and you can deal with the callers.

There is no commission or tensions with the website owner. You are posting the ad and you are dealing with the callers.

That is what the market place websites like OLX and QUICKR are doing in India.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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