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How to write articles to get first top ten results

First Result on Google SearchYou are a blogger and need your articles to be read by many people, and then it is must to get your articles on the first page of Google search. To do this you need to apply some SEO tricks to get success on the first place of search engines, Say some one searching for How to get posts articles on first place page of Google search?

In this article itself I am applying the tricks, check out my title of this post it does not contain either Google search so my snippet will not add the title in the search description snippet in the Google search because it requires all the words in the title to display what the user is asking for and it will not find it in the title.

So from where it will find the right thing then, yes in the first paragraph of the article so it will find all the keywords matched searching by the user on Google search hence it display the snippet as first paragraph of the article.

So what about the title then, there It will find how to, articles, get, first, top, ten, results so it helps pulling the search results to the top. Now Google found the query keywords in the first paragraph of the article and in the some keywords in the title.

So here is the next SEO tip which will pull the results to the top of the Google search i.e. on the first position for the competition of the same keywords is you have to change URL of the article before publishing and add all the keywords from the title and first paragraph do not keep the URL same as the title.

Three things are very important to get your articles posts on the top first place of Google search are (1) Title of the Article which should not contain the main keywords but the startups of the query, (2) First paragraph and last paragraph should contain the main keywords like Google search, top ten, how to get, articles, posts, etc. and the (3) The URL should contain all the keywords from the title and first paragraph and should cover the whole query for the user as for this post the User Query is “How to get posts articles on the top ten results of Google Search.

Additionally if you are adding an Image in the Post or Article, Use twisted ALT using the same query based keywords; it will also help in bringing the results on top ten of Google search. And you are done!
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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