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Which Keyboard and Mouse is best USB or PS2

Which Keyboard Mouse to use PS2 or USBDear friends many of my friends asked me this question which is keyboard and mouse is good ps2 or usb so Before we begin the comparison of PS2 and USB, I want to discuss a few basics I feel are essential to understand both technologies first.

Most of the people like to support the ancient PS/2 Keyboard and mouse because there is no need of bios setup for PS2 keyboard and mouse and also it is very convenient while starting on dos mode to do tech things like booting in dos mode to create partitions make ghost copy or recovering from ghost etc.

Just the DEL key will take you to bios mode and F8 will take to the different booting options because the keyboard is active as soon as you switch on the system.

So people like me and tech related people always like to have the PS2 keyboard and mouse for their convenient workings.

But whereas the USB is good for end users who like to work after the system completed the start-up procedure and ready for the show, because the system when load windows completely will start-up the USB ports and detects the keyboard and mouse to work.

USB suffers from performance problems when many devices are connected to the computer simultaneously. For example, when a printer, scanner, and webcam simultaneously place data transfer demands on USB, those devices are forced to share the available bandwidth. This can lead to errors.

Despite all of this things, USB is more or less on equal footing in the real-world, even though PS/2 is faster.

PS/2 is like an expensive luxury watch: it's a nice feature, but you can really do without it. If you're faced with the choice and between PS/2 and USB and you already own a keyboard with advanced switching mechanisms PS/2 is still a good choice. Otherwise, USB is often just as good. To be honest, who really strikes six or more keys simultaneously and owns the kind of keyboard that can take advantage of PS/2.

At last I recommend the PS2 keyboard and mouse because it has the facility and ports built-in on the mother board so why leave them empty and waste the USB ports you can use those USB ports for all the other best things in the computer world for your future works.
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