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InkPlus Printing Solutions for C. I. S. Printers

CIS Printing INK-PLUS SolutionsISE CARDS INDIA PVT LTD A Division-INK-PLUS Printing Solutions PRESENTS Most Innovative And Economical INK-PLUS Solutions System In The World Of Printing!

Ink-plus CISS Printer

Continuous Flow System!

Non-Stop Printing Solution!

Cheapest Printing Solution In World!!

ISE Cards India Ltd. Company Profile :

The would like to introduce as ISE Cards India Ltd, a joint venture with ISE Cards, Inc. USA dealing in various products, Innovated most Reliable, Innovative, Economical and Quality Oriented Technology in the History of Printing in India which helps to user through various ways its detail are given below.

Merits of Ink-Plus CISS Printer

It Reduces the Cost of Printing up to 90%.

It gives excellent Quality Printing better then the your existing Cartridges

Easiest Process to input ink in to system.

No complicated Technicalities.

Continuous Flow System.

Non Stop Printing Solution.

Cheapest Printing Solution In The World.

Ink-Plus CISS Printer :

An Ink-Plus (CISS) Continuous Ink supply System, also known as a continuous flow system (CFS), is a method for delivering a large and practically unlimited volume of liquid ink to a comparatively small inkjet print-head.
Many business and professional grade printers incorporate a continuous flow system in their design to increase the speed and volume of printing capacity. Some aftermarket companies also build retrofit accessories to convert certain models of consumer-grade printers into continuous flow systems.

Most low-cost consumer printers place small ink tanks directly on the carriage with the print heads. These tanks can have extremely small liquid volumes, as low as 10 ML, and consequently require frequent replacement. More expensive business-grade printers use progressively larger ink tanks on the print head, but as the platen width and speed of the printer increases it eventually becomes impractical to have the tanks integrated with the print-heads due to the high mass and inertia the liquid volume adds to the print-heads and the reduced accuracy of printing that occurs.

Separating the ink storage from the print-head also allows the tank to be refilled or replaced while a print job is in progress. With ink tanks located on the print-head, replacement typically requires reprising and alignment checks that necessarily require aborting any current print job. Separated ink tanks can be refilled or reprised without disrupting a very large or expensive printing task.

Ink-Plus CISS Printer Model-Wise Features

Ink-Plus CP -- 1234 (Normal Printer)

Ink-Plus PSC -- 1238 ( Print,Scan,Copy)

Ink-Plus M -- 1240 (With MC Slot)

Ink-Plus A -- 1242 (A3-Normal)

Ink-plus PSC -- 1245 (A4-High Speed)

Ink-plus PSCFW -- 1250 (A3-With WI-FI)

Choose your best partner from ISE Cards Inkjet CISS Printers all-in-ones, with black & white, color capabilities to meet a variety of home office or business workgroup requirements. Reliably high-speed prints, super sharp resolutions and office-ready features such as networking and security functions produce professional-looking documents and brilliant photos you can be proud of, in one compact, space-saver unit.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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