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How to start digital printing business in India

How to start photo printing business in IndiaPeople in India always mail me regarding Starting a New Digital Printing Business, How to Start a Printing Business at Home, How To Start Your Own Photo Printing Business, So I thought I should guide About Photo Printing Businesses here.

Now a days in India it is very easy to start a digital printing business say photo printing or multicolor digital printing, Only you need a Computer system and a 10 x 20 ft shop where you can start your color printing business on one stop printing solution center.

What you have to do is make to parts in a 10 x 20 square feet shop in the front part keep your computer system and a counter on the road side.

And in the other part inside the shop keep a Digital Printing Machine configured and attached to the computer system for direct printing.

This will make easy for direct printing for customers who brings their work in CD DVD Pendrive or memory cards, and If they like to make a new design you can design on your pc which is on your counter and can give final prints to the digital printing machine.

This will make a one stop digital printing business where you can do a good business and will be famous very soon.

What kind of work you will get?

You will get designing of Phamplets, brochures, flyers, letter pads, visiting cards, and also you can design hoardings etc.

What computer system and softwares you need to do so?

You need a dual core or quad core latest configuration based computer on your desktop with all facilities like CD DVD, Internal Memory card reader, USB Prots, Licensed Windows, Pagemaker, corel draw, photoshop softwares and a good antivirus licenced copy for protection and clean files.

Which digital printing machine is good then?

There are lots of digital printing machines available you can do a google search and select the one within your budget for example I will give a suggestion to go for High Speed Digital Printing Machine - HP Indigo one of the best digital printing machine I got and If you like to know more you can go and search for digital printing machines you will get various configuration and types of color printing machines online.

You can also add the digital color photo printing business with the same configuration.
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