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Which Insurance Policy is best for job holders

Which Insurance Policy is best in IndiaIn India today we have lots of insurance companies government and private ones to name LIC is the govt one and Bajaj Allianz, HDFC, TATA AIG, BIRLA SUN LIFE and many more, but which insurance package is good one for people who are working on monthly basis is the main question, the agents bring to us the policy which gives best commission to them but we have to judge what is best.

In today's life if a working man dies his family will come to road so the best policy by my thinking is The TERM Policy which the Life Insurance Agents never show to us and the companies to don't recommend the term policy because they don't want us to do the term policy.

The Life insurance agents and companies prefer to go for the policies which are profitable to them not to us like the share market policies which is the only loss and they don't even give us good amount of claim if the person leaves the world.

Let us check what are the insurance plans available with the companies now a days which are not helpful to us they say protection plan, saving and investment plan, retirement plan, Health plan, youngster plan, women plan, but i don't think they all are helpful as insurance plans, there are banks to invest and earn then why to do insurance.

Insurance means you have to get the sufficient amount when we dont earn for our family, so the best one is term policy, you can take a term policy as protection plan, it helps us to give a good amount of money to our family when we are not there by which they can start their own life in a good way without any disturbances.

Term plans are typically low cost insurance plans that provide full protection and financial stability to our loved ones in case of any unforeseen events happen in life. We can choose a variety of Protection plans according to our various needs.

Term Assurance Plan is a term plan that safeguards our family’s financial protection in the event of our unfortunate demise and in addition to this it should also provides the option of selecting some add-on benefits like Critical illness, Accidental and Accelerated Sum Assured benefits.

What advantages we have to check in our Term Policy

It should have High insurance cover at affordable rates

It should have Flexibility to opt for additional benefits at marginal cost to suit our needs

It should have Availing of premium discounts on the term plan for sum assured greater than Rs 25 lakhs

It should have Flexibility to choose the sum assured and policy term

It should have Option of paying single premium or regular monthly or yearly premiums

It should also have the Tax benefits subject to provisions under sections 80C, 80D and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act 1961

It should also have the convenient Paying premiums facility with access to multiple modes – credit card, internet banking, cheque, auto debit facility.

So friends today onward check for only term insurance plan and not other ones if you like to earn you can go for banking not insurance, go for a best sum assured like 25 lakhs to 30lakhs if you are earning you salary monthly you can pay a small amount of premium from your savings yearly.

The Best option in TERM INSURANCE POLICY PLAN. Go for it today.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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