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How School Management Software should be

Over the last few years, rapid technology advancements have changed our lives and created many avenues to improve different aspects of our social and educational environment. It is clearly evidenced that, latest technologies help lead the way to improve and accelerate teaching learning, and effective management of schools. It provides an ability to incorporate advanced educational opportunities, latest practices to enhance student’s ability to learn and progress in the current challenging world.

Technology should be a tool to help educators meet the educational needs of children. As such, technologies cannot function as solutions in isolation, but must be thought of as key ingredients in making it possible for schools to address core educational, school information, communication (on-time delivery of right information) and administration management challenges. Technology can serve as an enabler in effectively addressing and overcoming these challenges.

Any Software Development Company should say - We believed solution that integrates information about students, parents, teacher and school elements (an effectively address the challenges forced by current educational institutions and become instrumental in the success of a student).

school management software The team of the company should say - with a depth of experience in financial and educational service domains, had studied and conducted research on Indian and (IS based schooling systems, and developed a state of-the art school management system. This school administration management software effectively integrates all aspects of school information systems with latest technologies and most effective educational techniques in the current world.

School Management Software at Glance

Admission management software A complete hosted software solution for effective school management.
Cost-effective, easy to use and hardware hassle free solution.
Very comprehensive state-of-the-art software with centralized database eliminating redundant data entry and download processes.

Highly secure and robust system with role based security model and data protection at various levels

Interactive tool for Admissions Management

One dick access to student data, attendance and performance reports.
Academics management class information, class register, time table, holiday schedule, syllabus, teacher information.
Teacher – student, teacher – parent interactions.
Library management – online store, e-books, video lessons, online tutorials, online tests etc.
SMS e-mail alerts for important events and notifications.
Integrated Hostel Management and Transportation management.
Support of Mid-Day Meal Program.
In-built, customized reports.
Bio-metric enabled attendance system.


A complete and comprehensive solution for new, renewing admissions.
In-built enrollment forms, templates.
Admission status in a single click.
SMS, e-mail notifications about admission status.
Integrates payment module to setup single, recurring payments.
Handles regular, following year, skip class admissions.
Integrates hostel and transportation information.


Improves parent’s interaction in child’s education.
Spirited interactions between parents, teachers and students.
Integrates parent and teacher for progress updates, achievements, issue escalations, and feedback.
Track child performance, score cards and attendance.
Integrates parents with SMS, email alerts about key events, performance, updates, payment reminders etc.

E-Student, E-Learning

Encourages e-Learning online practice tests, study materials, quiz and self assessment tests.
Online library, access to blogs, events, world-wide competitions.
Improves awareness about online and many avenues of educational sources.
Online access to home work and assignment submissions.


Imparting education using cutting edge and with best use of state of the art technologies.
Guiding and assessing students in all dimensions by making easy collaborations with parents and other staff.
Easy access to student attendance, score cards and performance metrics.

E-Principal and Admin

Manage fee details on daily / weekly / monthly / yearly basis.
Manage fee payment and due alerts through SMS and email.
Teachers and pupils performance charts and
Managing teacher and students admissions.


Consolidated attendance and performance reports across all classes.
Centralized source for student, teacher performance metrics.
Fee payment status.
Revenue, salaries, expenses, infrastructure information tracking.
Emergency contact information.

Key differentiators

A complete solution with no hidden charges.
State-of-the-art best and cost-effective solution in the market.
Cloud based solution — no hardware, no infrastructure needed.
Highly secured, data encrypted and hosted on Proper “Cloud” Servers (World’s Leading Hosting Providers).
Secured online school/tuition fee payments.
Easily customizable based on specific needs.
Built-in reports, templates, and data structures.
One-touch connect with parents, students, and Teachers.
SMS and E-Mail alerts and notifications.
Schools/Braches network integration.
24X7 online, e-mail, and phone support.
Consistently 5-star rated technical support team.
Any upcoming new features at no additional cost!
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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