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Top Free Apps for Money Management

money management appsThere are plenty of books and seminars out there purporting to clue regular folks in to the secrets of multi-millionaires’ success. But not everything in finance is a great mystery. After all, one of these secrets must surely be sound financial management. And although not all of us can afford to hire a personal money manager, that doesn’t mean the average person can’t have a virtual assistant helping with his or her finances. Modern technology has made many aspects of modern life easier, including managing money. What started out merely as software programs have since evolved into websites and now into mobile applications for smartphones.

And while there are many apps in the “finance” section of both the App Store and Google Play, the sheer numbers can be a bit overwhelming. So in the interests of whittling down the options, here are the best money management applications currently on the market.


This app takes the first spot on the list despite its having been on the scene for some time. This application is based on the popular financial management website, which was launched in 2006. Mint has earned its long-running popularity (and multiple online awards) because few finance managers offer such comprehensive assistance as this option does. The app itself allows the user to link all of his or her accounts (PayPal, checking, IRA, credit cards, etc., etc.) and view an overview of them on a single screen. It automatically categorizes transactions and displays them in easy-to-read charts and graphs. Mint also offers a customizable budget tool and bill reminders so users don’t miss those monthly notices.

PayPal Mobile

Everyone knows PayPal is great for making transfers, but a brave new world of mobile payments is on the horizon as well. PayPal processed some $14 billion in mobile payments in 2012 alone, so smartphone users are going to want to download this app in order to be ready for the new landscape of mobile commerce. Also, the app makes the process of transferring money to friends and family quick and easy.


Business travelers understand all too well how much of a headache it can be keeping track of receipts and frequent flier miles. Expensify eliminates all of the clutter by allowing the user not just to link credit cards with custom expense accounts, but by snapping photos of receipts as well. All digital files are then organized by category.

Check (formerly Pageonce)

This app is similar in function to Mint and just about as popular. It allows the user to link all of his or her accounts as well as cell-minute usage and travel rewards. The user can then access all of this info – after bypassing the bank-level security -- on a single screen. On top of providing a full financial breakdown, Check also allows users to pay bills with the app.

By installing one or more of these options onto the old smartphone, anyone should be able to get their financial house in order. And the best part is that all of these options encourage the user to make sound financial decisions well into the foreseeable future.

Lindsay Truman is a professional blogger that provides personal finance advice. She writes for PureChecks, a leading personal and business checks retailer.
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