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5 Tips on How to Succeed in Your First Year of College

first year collegeWhether you are going to an out of state college or one that is just a few minutes away from your house, your first year in college can be very nerve-wracking. You might not have decided on a major yet and are afraid of failing. It definitely is not abnormal to feel nervous about going to college, but you should not let your nervousness ruin your entire experience. Here are five tips on how to succeed in your first year of college.

Go to Class

Attending class every day might sound obvious, but many freshmen think it is okay to skip class sometimes. Unless you are ill or have some kind of emergency, don’t skip class. If you do not attend a class all the time, you will likely miss out on important information. For example, a lot of professors will include information from lecture notes on their tests. If you are never in class to take these notes, you probably will not do so well on the tests.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

It is no surprise that college is more difficult than high school. If you are struggling with a subject, whether it’s English or business, do not be afraid to ask the professor for additional help. After class, just come up to him and tell him that you need further help with the material that is discussed in class. Most professors will be more than happy to provide you with additional help in their offices. He might also recommend other resources to you such as working with a peer tutor.

Take a Broad Range of Classes

Don’t just take general classes during your first year of college. It is a better idea to take a broad range of classes so that you can find out what you are truly interested in. For example, if a psychology class sounds interesting, do not be afraid to take it.

Get Involved in Campus Clubs and Events

Although studying is a huge part of the college experience, it should not be the only part. Do not be afraid to get involved in campus clubs and events. For example, if you are interested in politics, you should consider joining your student government club. Getting involved in campus clubs and events will not just help you meet new people; it will also look good on your resume.

Set Clear Goals

If you want your first year of college to be successful, you have to set clear goals. While you don’t have to aim for a 4.0 grade point average, your goals should be ambitious. For example, you can set a goal of earning nothing less than a “B” in each class. You could also set a goal of taking a class that is very challenging.

Your first year of college will not always be easy. You might encounter challenges that you are not used to facing. However, if you try your best and follow the tips above, you should be able to succeed in your first year of college with flying colors.

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