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Why IT Department Needs Translation Services Too

Why IT Departments Needs Translation Services, TooMany businesses consider translation services to be the purview of marketing departments or – for the more global corporations – human resources, where communication is common and key to success. Few companies consider the role accurate, timely translation has in IT departments. However, translation is more important now than ever for information technology. Here are the primary reasons why IT needs to consider translation, too:

Web Presence Has Immense Global Impact: These days, businesses conduct a vast amount of transactions online. Online interaction, from the company website to social media, is even more important for companies that want to reach customers on a global level. From India to Brazil, people will be logging into regional versions of company site to make their purchasing decisions. Today, with mobile, social, and direct options all available to consumers, IT developers must work closely with marketers for every international message. This requires a deep knowledge of how translation services work and how they affect web development.

IT Guidelines Require Precise Definition: Along with the rise in digital services and online communication, web security has become a growing global issue. When companies begin to expand and start foreign offices, foreign employees must be trained in proper web security practices, suitably localized for their area. Not only do IT departments need to customize their guidelines based on foreign services, they also need those guidelines to be utterly precise, with as little room for confusion as possible. This requires highly skilled translation so employees understand the rules perfectly. This requires close work with both human resource departments and expert translators so that the true meaning of every security standard and safety guidelines is passed along.

Translation Services Can Work on Multiple Platforms: In traditional translation, most translation was based off of very basic documents – Microsoft Word and similar programs. Now content creation has become far more complex, with multiple platforms which may be proprietary and are often on the cloud and vendor-supported. Since translation is now taking place on these multiple, often-online platforms, IT departments need to stand ready to help move translation quickly across whatever platforms marketers need. IT specialists should at least be prepared to work closely with translation services to make sure that platform nuances are understand and formatting is not a problem.

IT Departments Must Ensure Consistency: Consistency refers to message continuity across all marketing channels. When marketing channels consisted primarily of commercials, banners, and basic email, the IT department did not need to play a role in the translation process. But now branding has evolved and channels have grown in number. Every component, from the company logo to the way messages are posted and blogged, must be perfectly aligned in every language. From an IT and web design standpoint, this means that website management and internal employee instruction alike match in every language. Much like the web security problem, accurate translation services are needed to make the message consistent – even if its shape, creation method, and channel change.

The Time Issue: IT departments are often squeezed for time. With consistency required both internally and externally, the need to translate on multiple platforms, and the ever-growing importance of global impact, IT specialists have no time to invest in internal translation. External professionals can save time and help IT departments meet their deadlines.

Michael Bastin is the co-founder of BeTranslated. He regularly manages translation projects all over the world for demanding customers.
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