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The Real Smart Phone: Your Tablet

The Real Smart Phone: Your TabletCell phones have become ubiquitous and, for some of us, an utter necessity in our modern world. Cellular telephones are, unquestionably, one of the greatest technological inventions of the late 20th century and one of the most important tools for work, communications, and emergency contact capability in the 21st century.

While not a necessity for most people outside of their business concerns, cell phones have become so pervasive in our culture that not having one can be taken as a sign that either you’re utterly impoverished or you are just plain weird. Indeed, even a high percentage of adolescents and very poor people have cell phones today, cell phones and cell phone services have become so affordable (and such icons of our culture).

And yet, there are plenty of those among us who perceive certain problems with cell phones.

Research indicates that frequent cell phone use over time can cause brain cancer. While many people (including research scientists) have poo-poo attitudes about that because they have used a cell phone a lot for several years, the most important aspect to consider is sufficient time. Using a cell phone daily for a few years probably does nothing to you. But what about using one daily for, say, a decade or more?

The cell phone contracts and their rates can be highly annoying.

For many people, the keyboards and the display screens on cell phones are annoyingly small.

Having a cell phone, as is expected these days, can become irritating or distracting as too many people call and text too often...or, you find yourself on the phone or texting too often (such as texting while driving).

Why Not a Tablet?

Tablet computers are popular, but they seem to be underrated. Perhaps it’s because their screens are smaller than those of laptops and PCs and some people don’t like this. Perhaps people who want a computer don’t want to use touch-screen capability or the relatively small keyboard (which in turn must be called up on the screen). Perhaps a great many people still want computers that include CD/DVD drives or don’t want to have to keep track of flash drives.

Whatever the reasons, tablets haven’t spread like wildfire even though they do sell. But this means that people may be missing out on one of the biggest advantages that tablets have: the ability to be used as super-smart cell phones.

Advantages of the Tablet As Your Go-To Cell Phone

No cell phone contracts.

Using a tablet necessitates that you use a headset and carry and hold the unit somewhat farther away from your body than a cell phone. If you’re worried about cell phone radiation, these all happen to be things that you’re supposed to do in order to shield yourself from over-exposure.

You or your children can’t fall into the habit of texting while driving or holding a cell phone to your ear while driving if you’re using a tablet instead.

Bigger keyboard, bigger screen than cell phones.

More computational power and storage than a cell phone.

Some people could be able to simply buy and use a tablet without any need for either a contract-service “smartphone” or a laptop or PC, thereby saving a lot of money.

Since a tablet isn’t a cell phone per se, you won’t find yourself disturbed as often by the ringing and dinging of incoming calls or text messages.

How It Works

With wifi hotspots and the 3G network’s increasing ubiquity, tablets can pick up an Internet signal that can be used for telephone service in more and more areas. All you need to do is sign up for a free Google Voice or (and) Skype account which you can access on your tablet. Skype includes texting features, as does G-chat. And of course, there’s always the free Yahoo Instant Messenger that you can also use for “texting”. Let people leave you messages for you to reply to later instead of feeling the urge or the pressure to answer everything immediately.

For traveling to those areas where you can’t access wi fi hotspots or 3G, keep a prepaid cell phone on hand. This can be your emergency phone and with your less frequent use of it coupled with the lower rates that come with prepaid service you will save a lot of money -- without being locked into a contract.

Try it!

Aaron Mills is a tech writer and blogger. He writes on behalf of leading brands such as, a cell phone insurance provider.
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