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Leftovers For Your Waistline

waistline with leftoversThey’ll Eat It Again If They Don’t Recognize It – Using Leftovers Effectively

A few years ago a frugal friend made a large meatloaf that took days for the family to eat. By the fourth day, her eight year old son said, as he was unenthusiastic-ally spooning it into his mouth,

“Mom, this meatloaf is really good but I don’t think I will give this recipe to MY wife.”

Some family members are quite comfortable with leftovers while others are positively offended by them. But even the most robust leftover-eaters will flag by the fourth day.

Because each food you make carries with it a financial price tag, being able to reinvent it as a healthy and appetizing meal rather than tossing it into the trash is a valuable skill to master.

Here are some suggestions that can help you train yourself to the possibilities each container of leftovers in your refrigerator holds.

Reinventing Leftovers

Since we were discussing lingering meatloaf, let’s start with that.

Sadly, the average family member would never eat a meatloaf sandwich no matter how fervently you pitched its appeal. (If yours will, you've got yourself one more options than most!)

Essentially, in most recipes, meatloaf can be substituted for hamburger. If that premise holds true, then meatloaf can easily be used to make spaghetti, sloppy joes, stuffed pepper casserole, and chili to name just a few.

You can routinely use meatloaf, when it is available, to make all these dishes. High quality hamburger at the grocery store is currently $4.29/pound. For most of us, that is a significant savings on our grocery bill.

Sometimes, leftovers improve the overall taste of a recipe. In this case, actually making leftovers is a wise strategy.

For example, most families loves whole roasted chicken. A basic roasted chicken recipe also happens to be fairly simple. Using a “broiler” sized whole chicken, slip some pats of butter under it’s skin, rub with olive oil, and flavor with salt, pepper, garlic, thyme, basil and a squirt of fresh lemon juice. After cooking for an hour at 350 degrees, turn the temperature down to 300 degrees and let it bake another hour. It is just as easy and more cost efficient because of the electricity to bake two (or even three) chickens at the same time.

On the first the you can serve your family the whole roasted bird. Once the other chicken has cooled enough to be handled, debone the meat, and refrigerate the leftovers. Cost aside, the convenience of having fully cooked and seasoned meat available to work with on a busy day is helpful. Some dishes that can be made from this are chicken salad, chicken soup, and all manner of chicken casseroles.


Another strategy for reinventing leftovers is to freeze them to be used in a week or two.

This works especially well for small amounts of vegetables. A spoonful or two of corn, peas, lima beans or carrots may not amount to any servable size and are likely to be scraped into the trash can. But if you put them into the freezer, even adding them to the same container, you will shortly have enough mixed vegetables to work with.

Such vegetable mixtures are especially good in stews. They can also be used in vegetable soups or casseroles.

Being Creative

Challenge yourself. You will be amazed how well you can feed your family and how much you can trim off your grocery bill by becoming efficient at using left-over food.

If you treat each left-over food as an ingredient instead of a waste, you will find that you can get two or three delicious “free” meals out of your current grocery money each week.

Adam Johnson is a professional blogger that shares tips and advice on fitness and nutrition. He writes for Fitness 19, a leading fitness center with locations nationwide.
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