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Top SEO Mistakes and Myths

Top SEO Mistakes and MythsBy Mark Plunkett - 1. SEO is a shady dark art

SEO is actually about understanding how search engines rank a website, what search engines look for, and how they determine your position within their results.

There are over 200 different elements that Google takes into account, for instance, so it takes a very skilled SEO professional to truly understand how to get a website to rank highly - and consistently.

2. Once is Enough

SEO is not merely a one-off exercise. It requires a lot of sustained, ongoing work in order to achieve high, stable results.

Google is constantly changing the way it indexes websites and, as such, a website will need to evolve over time to remain ahead of the curve.

Your business is constantly changing, so a good SEO strategy should keep in-line with these changes and constantly reassess your target keywords.

3. SEO is Quick

To build a highly-ranked, trusted website takes time. It can take many months, even years, of SEO work to achieve that coveted page 1 listing. There are literally hundreds of factors that can influence how a website ranks in a search engine. You may not be able to meet every criteria to the highest potential, however the key is to try and adhere to as many ranking factors as possible - and this takes time to work towards.

4. Buying a cheap off the shelf website with 'SEO built in'?

You can't just buy an off-the-shelf website or plug-in and expect to rank well instantly.

How your website is programmed is the most crucial part of an SEO strategy. SEO considerations need to be incorporated into the code from the ground up.

5. I am on page 1, job done!

Everyone wants to make it to page 1. However, there's little point being there for a search term that no-one is actually searching for! It's not the number of page 1-listed results you achieve that count, it's the amount of relevant converting traffic that your website attracts from the page 1 listings.

6. It works for them so let's just replicate it

What works for another business, competitor or friend won't necessarily work for you and your business. Every site has different requirements and therefore needs a tailor-made SEO action plan.

In summary

Always have a bespoke SEO strategy and be prepared to evolve it, target those keywords with the highest chance of conversion, and invest the time and money in a well-built website. Finally, be patient - high listings in Google take time and a lot of effort.

Mark is web developer at SOZO who is a self confessed social media addict! Mark is totally passionate about the endless possibilities of the Internet and enjoys working in the thick of such an exciting industry.

SOZO are a web design company in Cheltenham, specialising in web design, branding and online marketing. We also offer a comprehensive, monthly SEO service that gets you on the first page of search engines for your most relevant keywords.

Article Source: Top SEO Mistakes and Myths
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