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Some of the best Indian Customs and Traditions

Some of the best Indian Customs and TraditionsHow we identify Indians, how foreign people come to know we are Indians, They often identify us not only by our clothing and high bridged noses, but also with the distinct dots which are called bindis on our female foreheads. But do we all know what the bindi (Dot on female foreheads) stands for? I know it and if you all don’t know what is it then it’s probably time you have to learn Indian customs and traditions, so let us learn some of the basics practices all Indians do in common which stands symbols of India to the rest of the world.

HEENA – Mehndi – Which is called in foreign countries as Tattooing. Many of us and all foreign people have probably seen Indians that many of the women put designs on their hand and feet. Most often, these are not permanent like tattoos but this is designed using heena, mehndi. Heena or mehndi is a kind of powder extracted from the leaves of Heena tree which is green in colour when mixed with water and applied to hands in the night comes to red the next day. This is used mostly on religious functions or any other function like weddings etc. and it is very famous and we now days find many mehndi designers and even design books are available in the market. So this is the one thing by which we can recognize women of India.

Namaste – A Greeting when we meet someone.

The meaning of Namaste is not clear till now, whether it is a respect given to others, and some people says that it means “I bow to you”, but it is the common Indian greeting, each and every Indian starts their meeting with this, when we meet our friends, relatives, and any stranger we say Namaste. Any one can come to know we are Indian when we say Namaste, people any where will recognize us by just listening the word Namaste that we are Indian.


This is the first makup kit which is used by all women traditionally; it is used by most of the women and in the childhood for girls and boys too. It is used to line the lower lashes or eyelids. This makeup is used since the ancient Indian history and it is used because kajal protects the sun’s glare many of the eye ailments too. It is also used to protect from badluck ( Najar ) on childrens cheeks.


Tilak is used on the foreheads of mostly men during festivals and cultural ceremonies, Priests and old people use tilak on daily basis after praying.


As tilak most of the Indian women apply bindi, they use kumkum as well as ready made bindis which are available in various sizes and designs.

These are some of the identification symbols of us and if you like to write more on it you can comment in my comments section.
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