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Technology Fantasy – Future Mobile Phone

Future Mobile PhonesAs we know how the technology is growing very fast, When I was in Pune I use to say to my friends that one day will come we will just press the buttons and our friends will come in our contacts they use to laugh at me saying he is mad, and one day PAGER the tech instrument came in the markets, Yes I mean Pager, which we used in the 90’s, We just used our land phones to dial a number and our friends were getting the message in the form of a number by which they come to know that this number is remembering me and I have to call.

And after some day I said to my friends that this pager will be updated to text messaging some day again they use to laugh at me and it happened and again I said to them that one day will come we will talk wirelessly on the phone without any limits of the distance and after some days the Mobile Phones came into existence and as you are seeing updates are going on and now we can see each other on the mobile phones as if we are talking face to face on mobile phones.

Today One idea clicked my fantasy mind that One day will come we don’t even need a handset to talk to our near one and dear one.

How ?

One day will come this technology gurus will give us a chip which we can implant permanently in our body say under our skin, by just cutting less than an inch and place the chip in our body say on the left or right arm, with an permanent mobile number and voice commands will work on it.

Say we can fit a microphone in our tooth permanently and earphones anywhere near the ear hole.

And we can get the mobile signals, we can store the names and mobile numbers, we can dial them using the sound commands.

Say if we have to store a number – We can use the command by speaking the number and saying JUST Store and Name – While dialing – Just say the name and command Dial, in the same way we can hear the ring tones in the name format “sunil is calling” Command – “Pic” will receive the phone and “DC” will cut “HOLD” will hold and so on.

This is my fantasy mobile phone one day we will use it in future.

If you think this fantasy will work one day: Comment your feelings and don’t laugh – because its happening.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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