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Top iPhone Apps for Business

Top iPhone Apps for BusinessTo open a company or organization is easy but to keep it open is an art. To do so everyone should cooperate as and when required. Whether you are a small time entrepreneur or a CEO of a large corporation, you cannot escape from the daily challenges of business. Sometimes you may be travelling or you may be just away from your office or engaged with someone or busy in some conference,but you have to deal with the things which are very urgent and you don’t have anything apart from your iPhone which can help you. To deal with such situations, download some of the best iPhone apps which would be helpful for your business.

Here are some best iPhone apps for business which will surely help you.


It is the Wikipedia for the iPhone which will help you in accessing the whole information of the world on your fingertips. It is a pocket sized version of Wikipedia with more than 10 million articles, including access for English database with search functionality, a back button and support for photos.

OmniFocus: Task Manager

Every business man needs to plan their day properly and follow accordingly. To do so we have an app called OmniFocus, Which makes your day productive. It is the best app that keeps track of tasks by project, place or person. It also notifies the users about upcoming deadlines.

Classic RPN Calculator

Classic RPN (Reverse polish notation) Calculatorlooks like a 3D calculator. Logarithmic and trigonometric functions and more than 10 types of conversion routines for lengths, weights and consumptions and many more are supported.


Camcard is nothing but a business card reader. If you are busy with your conferences and some other productive work then no need to waste your time in saving the phone numbers and other contact information. This app makes easy in saving the contact information into your address book all that you have to do is, just snap a picture of the card and the your work is done. This app wirelessly links up to the phone number which you wanted to connect with.

Cisco WebEx

WebEx meetings and business executives go hand in hand. You may be out of the office for some or the other reason and urgently need to attend WebEx meeting with Delegates. Don’t worry, it is as near as your iPhone with you, just download Cisco WebEx app. You can be on these meetings anywhere, anytime with the help of this app.

So, make use of your iPhone properly which can help you in doing many things apart from storing the phone numbers and customer service numbers. Download these apps which can increase the productivity of your day.

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