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Star and Star Maker in MonaVie will make you millionaire

MonaVie Star
As we are aware about the MonaVie compensation plan we know that there are 8 types of income in MonaVie and the success plan in MonaVie is star and star maker this will create a huge team in MonaVie because of its unique hybrid plan which is not present in any MLM or direct marketing company in the world.

I will explain you how to get success with the star and star maker plan of MonaVie to get fast success in the business.

Let us take an example that we have joined MonaVie in India with its Essential juice with 4 bottles by paying just 8100 in the standard wholesale price and created our id with 100PV now if we bring two people one in the left and one in the right with 100PV what we have done is duplicated will make us a STAR in the MonaVie as per compensation plan.

As soon as we become star we will get the FOB that is the first order bonus for both ids that is Rs 860 for each side id.

Now let us know what is star maker bonus then, star maker bonus is when your both personals bring their two people will earn a RS 860 bonuses for each id in the team.

What we earned till now let us calculate 860 + 860 FOB for the first two ids we brought in our team as our personal sponsors and 860+860 for the star maker bonus for helping those two people to bring their two personals.

Hence we earned 860x4=3440 and the team bonus 430 + 860 = 1290 i.e 3440+1290=4730 in an average just by bringing the two people and helping them to become star will create a 4000 income in average.

If you do the same thing each week by bringing two people and spilling them in the same team with our own sponsorship and making them star will give you lots of income and by duplicating the system in the team will create millionaires in your team soon.

I just showed you the only star and star maker for each week i.e if you just do the same thing lifetime you will be a diamond within no time.

Only thing you have to concentrate is you must bring two new people under your sponsorship each week and make them star in the same week and by duplicating the same system in your team is the best option as per the MonaVie compensation plan of MonaVie.

By doing this you don’t even have to invest for the juice every month once you paid and the company will pay you for every months PV as well as the income.

Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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