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Need Some Changes to Monavie Compensation Plan

change needed to monavie planAs we know we have done many MLM, Network Marketing and Direct marketing businesses in India and we are very much aware of what works and what not, The MonaVie Management has to take some steps to grow their business in India.

First of all don’t keep any options in joining like you can join MonaVie with 50pv 100pv 200pv etc. this is very difficult to manage in India because everyone in India like to invest less if there is option of 50 PV then they will take it as their first joining condition and never study the full plan and creates lots of disturbances in the business and leaders also do the same when there is no business in some week they try 50 to keep active.

I suggest removing it totally from the Plan, and keep only one condition i.e 100PV and qualified ever y month so that everyone will do the same. Say if everyone is ready to do the business with 100Pv with the MonaVie compensation plan everyone will get success and they work seriously.

Second thing is don’t change the condition for any kind of commissions like the 200V for the ECM etc. Only two conditions are sufficient i.e 100Pv and Qualified for every commission. This works fine in India.

So what will be the result here. People don’t lie while showing the plan and if they convince a person for MonaVie they will know everything from the starting stage that they have to do 100PV and have to qualify for all types of incomes. So everyone starts doing their 100 and more than that if they like the product or if they need it and every one will bring their two personals every month as their new distributors hence everyone will get support in the team.

And I like to suggest one more thing to the company management that if you keep 100PV as their first condition to keep the id active so for each income there should be another condition i.e. they have to bring two new people every four weeks as their personal sponsors and should be a very strict conditions to qualify this will make the real networker to work and also to sponsor under each of their active distributors not in the single line.

This will create history in the network marketing in India.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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