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How to get real success in MonaVie Business for India

Get Success in Monavie BusinessFirst of all I want to say you that I am MonaVie Distributor since it started in India with great leaders and in TEAM Titans. I attend allthe meetings trainings and listen to all the things what my uplines say to mecarefully, and after joining the monavie business and getting my ID I startedstudying what the monavie products are and what is actually the monaviecompensation plan and came to conclusion that Monavie will get success ifworked with my strategy because a researcher will not do business blindly butget a real success with correct knowledge and smart work.

Let me come to the point how we can get real success inMonaVie – If you study the compensation plan Monavie has allowed the 50PV planin India because the company knows the Indian budget and mind. So I like peopleshould join the company with free joining system and then within 48 hours youhave to place a order uplines need more PV in less time hence they say do 100PV200V 500PV etc etc. don’t bother first try it with a simple 50PV you will gettwo bottles which you can use for yourself taste and feel it, and in the secondweek if you get confident with the product and plan start doing the realbusiness in a week time you will come to know more details about the product aswell as the compensation plan and company very well.

And in the Second week start telling about the company ,product and plan to your friends, family and people whom you know better andwho believes you, this will take a month’s time and you can get more knowledgeabout the company, product and plan and within a month’s time till you arevalid and active you can bring two important persons who will join your companyand the next month duplicate the system what you did with your downlines don’t panicand greedy for their PV and let them understand the system well.

As soon as you get your two downlines say one in the leftand one in the right you do 100PV that is the right Procedure and continuedoing what you did to bring those two friends and continue to bring the sametwo people every month and help whoever coming to your team with correctprocess and procedure it will make every one happy and no one will complaintabout the losses and every one will do the business.

This will definitely give you the right business and successfor sure shot.

If you agree with me comment and I will write more articleson my same blog about the company, products, compensation plan and how to domonavie business in the correct way in India and get sure shot success soon.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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