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What is the correct right procedure to Join MonaVie business

monavieAs per my knowledge and my network marketing and MLMexperience I can say that MonaVie will get success in India if done in acorrect way, because a big percentage of Indian Population are with below thepoverty line and earning less than 10,000 per month income, hence it is verynecessary to explain and let to the correct business and get less losses andthe growing team will not panic, if we make greedy business by just joining themand seeing only our Income than it will be a big loss in India and MonaVie haveto close the business soon.

So friends let me explain you with the correct procedurewhich win definitely win and every one will earn a good income and create a goodlifestyle in India with this great unique business opportunity and also can behealthy by just drinking the correct quantity of Acai Juice.

First thing we have to explain the people about the greatnessand pros of the Acai Juice what happens if they start drinking the MonaVie AcaiJuice say essential or pulse whatever it may be we will leave it up to thepeople and will not force them for the product. Say if the people understandsthe importance of the product then we don’t need to say them to buy itregularly they will do it automatically when they are in business.

Second thing when they are ready for the juice tell them thecorrect way and quantity of juice they have to take and also tell them correctlythat it is not medicine but it is health drink which has the quality to not torecover the diseases but prevents them to come in their life if they areregular with the juice.

Third thing when they are ready to join don’t force them tobuy huge quantity, let them start with 50PV that is if they are ready forEssential they have to spend only with Rs. 4100 with standard wholesale pricethis is also a huge amount for many people in India so let the manage to startfirst. And Let them drink 60 ml in the morning and 60 ml in the night so that theycan finish the two bottles in two weeks time. And With this if they areenthusiasm persons they will start telling the people about this great productand they will bring lots of people to buy the same if they are interested onlyin drinking and not interested to do the business his sale will start and ifthey are interested and if he qualifies for star then explain him about the100PV and 50PV difference and he will add 50PV to his business and then he willbe active for another 2-3 weeks for full income.

What happens here if the people who can’t bring good businessor just two people in the team? They may continue to drink the juice everymonth by doing their 50PV or may leave the business. But if they are reallyinterested and active in bringing more people he will regularly qualifies forthe incomes and start doing the business regularly and people will not disturb orpanic but allow us to do the right business.

And if succeeded in getting the bronze position explain themabout the 200PV value and he will continue with 200 and more PV in the future and in this way the business will grow constantly.

If the company or leaders bring the 500 PV offer or any otherbig offers it will disturb the business in India because if the person startwith huge PV and fails in getting at least 2 people in a month for any reasonhe will disturb the up lines in the town and city or in meetings and the negativitywill roll on because it is India and here the people listen to people and theyare really practical and don’t bear losses in peace but disturb the whole team.

So I request the MonaVie company to understand the Indianpeople and India market don’t hear the greedy leaders advices they will becomediamonds by doing so with incomes of zero in the coming days and live thebusiness and jump to other things because they need money not the long livingcompanies like MonaVie.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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