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MonaVie Four Week Business – Do it or Leave it

MonaVieAs per my study I came to the conclusion that MonaVie is a Four Week MLM Business, We had seen many mlm business where we have the option to renew the business either in one year or the business continues without renewing also, but if you like to do a real MLM or Direct Marketing business where you will get the sure shot success I will explain you the real success where you will get the real MLM people in your team or other quit if they don’t like or understand the earning potential in this business.

How I can say that MonaVie a 4 weeks business, Se As you know that If you want to join MonaVie there is no registration fee but you have to be active every four weeks that is after 28 days you have to be active in our language we have to purchase atleast a 100PV – 4 bottles pack this is the minimum requirement for active in this business every four weeks hence it is the 4 week MLM Business.

Second thing your two downlines one in the left and one in the left must also be active every four weeks and some times it is not possible to keep those two peoples always active so you have to bring two peoples on in the left team and one in the right team every four weeks.

This is very simple procedure in MonaVie MLM and if you do this it will bring the real success to you. What you have to do is very simple here, register with free ID, Start with 100PV i.e 4 bottles of wellness Juice and this will activate your ID for Four Weeks i.e 28days. And Start showing the plan to as many people you find online or offline and bring atleast 2 personal people every 4 weeks with your PV activation this will definitely keep you active and qualified for the basic incomes in MonaVie and if you duplicate the process with all your personal sponsors and if any of the two will become active in the four week period you will get all incomes and qualifications each week for the active month.

And I had also seen that the plan shows for one income when you reach the bronze level you have to maintain 200PV so that you are eligible for all incomes if you really like the plan and eager to work with the plan start with 200PV and maintain it till the end.

I am in the study stage in MonaVie and as soon as I come to know more about it in details I will write again good articles regarding it.

I will show you a simple formula which will bring real success in MonaVie -

1. Activate with 100PV or 200PV and do it regularly every four weeks
2. Bring two new distributors ever four weeks in your personal tree with 100PV or 200PV activation.
3. Duplicate the above two things in your personal downline.

Here is the REal Success - MonaVie - Drink IT Feel IT Share IT.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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