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Choosing the Best Speaker System

Author: Maline Morgan - There are many types and models of speaker systems on the market at the moment, so choosing the right one can be difficult. A good speaker system can really enhance the quality of your sound, whether it be for listening to films or music. The models vary in quality, and there will be many you have heard time and again, whether others can be just as good, but may not be as widely known. When you are looking for the best speaker system, you should check the specifications against what your expectations are. Some of the best speaker systems are listed below:

Logitech S-220 – A good option for those on a tight budget, this PC multimedia speaker offers a high quality subwoofer and two speakers. The volume and bass are easy to operate and the speakers produce a high standard of audio quality. It produces 17 watts of sound and is ideal for a smaller home, due to its compact size. It can be purchased for £16.46, making it one of the best speaker systems for those on a low budget.

Logitech Z – 130 – This speaker system by Logitech, is also priced for those on a lower budget. It is easy to set up, and produces a high quality sound. It offers 5 watts and is compact enough to fit in any size of home. The cost of this best speaker system is around £15.99.

HP Thin USB Powered Speakers – As one of the best speakers on the market, this system can be purchased for around £16.99. Some of the features of this system include, a smart and compact design, with good sound quality.

Creative A60 – This speaker system is of a sleek design and offers 4 watt of sound. The built in bass port will further enhance the sound of your films, music or video games. It is ideal for fitting into smaller areas, due to its compact size. The cost of this best speaker system, is around £13.99.

Hercules XPS 2.0 40 Slim – These best speaker systems are of an extremely small and sleek design, which makes them ideal for fitting into more compact areas. The power of these speakers are 5 watts, and they produce sound of a high quality, so you can get the most out of your audio experience. This speaker system costs around £15.99.

HP Notebook Speakers – At a low cost of £28.99, these best speaker systems are of high quality, and will look great in any home. The sound quality is good, and they are light enough to take on holiday with you.

HP LCD Speaker Bar – With a very unusual design, these speakers are ideal for enhancing your computing experience. They will not take up too much space on your desktop, but will still produce high quality sound.

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