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USB Flash Drive Tips to protect from viruses

Protect your pen drives from virus - Friends as we all know that there is a lot more we can do with a USB flash drive or what you call it a pen drive other than storage and data transfer. And also we all know that the latest USB flash drives with latest technology gives us ample space and superfast data transfers for as many as applications or things we do, such as hi-definition media files, as well as our daily data transfers.

Firstly, did you know that there are a host of portable applications that can be stored on USB pen drives and used from USB pen drives without being installed on a computer or any of the portable devices? Learn to setup an MP3 player with your collection, retrieve files with a simple tweak, and access productivity apps including a full office suite which you can get it from the net for free.

And we also know that using a USB flash drive is not without risks, unless you know how to set it up properly. So we now have to learn on how to protect a drive from viruses, for this we have to avoid access directly to the drive by preventing it with Autoplay and Autorun, and get the jump on common concerns like data corruption.

I will explain you how to prevent the data corruption and virus protection for you usb flash drives now.

First Find an application to prevent your flash drive with the protection of Autoplay and autorun, this is the main thing to do first because it is the first step when you plug your USB drive on your computer or laptop it reads what is on the root first. If we prevent our desktop and laptops with the autoplay and autorun protection software or tweaks then we can prevent viruses from the front door itself.

Second thing is do double click the drive to open use the right mouse button and explore it. By this you again prevent the autorun things this is also a good habit to prevent the computer from entering the unnecessary things on your system.

Third and very important thing is make your folder option to view hidden files by Appling it by using the following procedure. Right click the my computer icon on your desktop and explore, then go to Tools option and select the folder option, and then click on View, and find the hidden files and folders option and make it show hidden files and folders and click the Apply to all folders. This makes your hidden files and apps visible on your computer and you have to delete them or get alert and do not click on them this will definitely protect you from getting infected from any worm or viruses on your system as well as on your USB Flash drives. NOTE : Always use your right mouse button and EXPLORE the windows and do not double click on any of the windows until you get confirmed that the file is not a worm or virus.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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