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Published by on Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 6:14:00 PM

Computer savvy - people with lack of PC knowledge

Friends as we know today computer is how much worth in the world and we in India are picking up every thing very fast because we are super grasping people. But What about the people who even do not now what computer is!, So today I decided to make the awareness of this very unique and compulsory thing the Computer Era to each and every individual of our country.

So friends how we can do it. I had seen many people are not using computers on the their work or personal or even to play a game or to chat on Facebook or twitter. do you know why not because they do not want it but because they do not know it.

So from today we will start this journey to make each and every Indian whether he is rich or poor, working or jobless, we will search them in our surroundings and at least make them aware about computers in any age.

It is a very simple process friends, say we are free for an hour or two in the evening time after our office hours we can start with our friends and their family, Start making them aware about computers and their usage and importance in the coming days. and why they have to learn it and make it as an compulsory thing in their life.

We have to tell them it is an compulsory medium not only for jobs or works but in coming days we can keep in touch with our whole family and friends whether they are in the city or far away if we learn computers we do not want the postal service in coming days it will automatically disappear.

And if not for that purpose we can also enjoy with our family and friends on voice or video chats. And many things more.

And for people who are already on different jobs without computers if they learn computers in this era they will be with their children and can enjoy every thing with their children too. and I like to say many more things in my mind but today in my mind is only one thing going on is I have to make each and every individual of India A computer literate.

So start sharing computer awareness and if you are a computer savvy then teach each and every one who comes in contact with you, I mean at least signup for a mail address for them and teach them how to read a mail and send mail then later on you can make their FACEBOOK GOOGLE+ etc social sites to enjoy their daily sharing with their friends and family.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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