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TECHINLINE Remote Desktop Support Software

Remote Desktop Support SoftwareMy friend in Gulf Country called me one day for a problem in his PC, and soon I asked him to use the TECHINLINE Remote Desktop Support Software and accessed his PC from my side and solved his problem online within no time. This will be the sentence when all hardware people will say some day.

So what is TECHINLINE Remote Desktop Software then?

TECHINLINE is a remote support tool is the software, which enables instant and secure connections between two remote computers on the web anywhere worldwide. This innovative TECHINLINE Remote Desktop technology software is provided by TECHINLINE, which not only works with large and medium sized companies, but also helps to solve the needs of small firms and Single PC users.

By using this remote desktop software, we can quickly view, diagnose, and fix remote desktops. This cost-effective solution enables us to:

Remotely control the desktops Globally
Transfer files/clipboard between two Computers Remotely
Reboot and reconnect the remote computer
Send and receive online short messages to guide the remote user.

This Remote Desktop software from TECHINLINE helps to discover the smooth and cost affordable method of providing remote assistance to clients globally without traveling to the point, which is very efficient to provide remote support with TECHINLINE.


1. Instant Remote Desktop Connection

TECHINLINE Remote Desktop helps service providers and professionals to view, diagnose and take full control of the remote computer to sort out any problems on the remote computer, Where the user computer may be local or global, No matter how far the professional is from the problem based computer, TECHINLINE Remote Desktop works as if two computers on one table.

What we need is only a browser and an Internet connection to launch a remote support session between any two computers worldwide, making it an ideal solution for instant access support for our customers, friends, and family worldwide to solve their problems instantly.

We have to log into the account online to start the support session, and then direct the other side to in order to obtain a 6-digit Client ID number. After getting the Client ID number, ask him to enter it into the corresponding field and instantly start resolving any technical issues on the remote desktop.

It supports all firewall proxy server or NAT there is no problem at all we can get trouble-free connection from TECHINLINE side. And we do not have to pre-install or download any software on either machine. This is the simplicity and reliability of this software thanks to TECHINLINE Browser based technology for REMOTE Support.

2. Get the best performance out of your customer support team – For Computer Dealers and Distributors

Proceed with your technical support team and grant them the ability to observe what is happening on your client’s remote desktop and immediately provide the professional assistance required. We can seamlessly integrate the solution into website to simplify the connection process to customers while also promoting the brands. The simplicity of the TECHINLINE service enables this support even the least “computer-savvy” users.

3. How confidential and secure are Remote desktop sessions

TECHINLINE guarantees reliability, security, and privacy for our clients and us. All the things done between the session’s participants are encrypted with industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. TECHINLINE ensures that the business and clients are granted the highest standard of service possible.

So let us see the features of the REMOTE DESKTOP SOFTWARE from TECHINLINE.

1. Two Way Desktop Sharing

We can view a remote desktop, as if we are using the client system on our desktop by accessing full control of its mouse and keyboard to perform any support task we need while solving the problems. Likewise, we may share our desktop view, or grant full control of our computer to the remote user.

2. Customization and Integration

We can display our company’s name, logo, and other branding things directly on the remote support page, which will effectively market our service brand. Seamlessly we can integrate the branded support page into our company’s website to further simplify the entire connection process for our clients.

3. Remote Reboot and Reconnect

We need to restart reboot or reconnect the support session to perform various tasks like install patches and updates which, upon completion, require it. The Reboot and Reconnect feature of this software allows the technician to reboot the remote computer without having to involve the remote user in the process. As soon as it rebooted, the remote computer automatically re-establishes the connection to the support session as it was This eliminates the long and hard process of the remote user having to transfer control of their computer to the technician.
And Many More… on TECHINLINE
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