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5 Steps towards Setting up a Beauty Business

Beauty Therapy CourseFor many people who have finished a beauty therapy course, the next step is to set up a business. However, doing so is a complex task. Creating and maintaining a business requires more than initiative and skill. It needs business knowledge and promotional acumen. Further study in business is often necessary in order to ensure success, and this requires additional expense on items such as educational supplies and course fees.

Some simple steps to setting up a beauty business are;

Obtain knowledge about business procedures

Register the business

Organize funding

Decide on a business premises

Recruit staff

Promote the business

Obtain knowledge about business practices

Completing a beauty therapy course is the first step towards setting up a beauty business. However, setting up the business is easier if a business course is also considered. Without the added knowledge it is difficult to run a business in beauty therapy. Expenditure on educational supplies and course fees will be worthwhile if the business is successful.


Funding a business is a complex task. Before establishing a business it is important to ensure that there is adequate financing. Banks will provide business loans if the applicant has a good plan. Having a business plan and some financial backing, either from savings or from family, friends or a fellow worker will help in establishing a solid business foundation.

Register the business

Before staring a business, it must be registered according to the legal requirements of the state where it will be established. Each state has different laws which cover business operation. In addition there are accounting procedures and other legal requirements, such as insurance, which must be investigated. Licences to practice some beauty therapies are also necessary in some states. The paperwork must be completed before the business begins.

Find a premises

Before commencing trade, it is necessary to make a decision about where the business will operate. Many sole traders will operate from home, but others prefer to acquire a shopfront. Whatever the choice, cost and accessibility must be considered.

Recruit staff

It is not necessary to recruit staff if the intention is to be a sole trader. However, for the sake of expansion, it is may be useful to recruit at least one other staff member. Staff recruitment is a complicated process. It involves checking references, organising interviews and then the associated employment paperwork.

Promote the business

In order to be successful, a marketing plan is vital. Marketing and promotion will contribute greatly to the success of the business. Decisions regarding whether to advertise on the internet, in newspapers or magazines will influence future profitability. Having an advertising budget will ensure that promotion is limited. So effective marketing is a must for a new business.

Establishing a beauty business is similar to creating any other enterprise. Marketing, promotion, recruitment of staff and adhering to legal necessities is required. Before embarking on the adventure of setting up a business, it is often useful to do a small business course. This will ensure that all legalities are met and that other business activities are successful.
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