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Published by on Friday, December 16, 2011 at 1:25:00 PM

Reasons Why Windows 8 Will Be Easier to Use

Windows 8 - We might be living in 2011, but the fact remains many people are still struggling with personal computers. The new Windows 8 download has a huge range of new features that will make personal computing easier for many people. Viruses and other issues such as having to install applications and updates can make personal computing very confusing for many people. Many of them are afraid to use their computer for fear of the need to call a computer repairs professional. The new Windows 8 operating system should make using a personal computer much easier. Here is a look at why that is the case.

Simplicity. Many people can use a smartphone, and yet they struggle with a personal computer such as a laptop. The new install of Windows 8 will look, feel and behave much like a smartphone. This is the touchscreen type of interface we are getting used to with tablets and the like. Actually, computers should have been designed this way in the first place.

Less updating. The new operating system will keep itself up-to-date all the time by itself. You will not have to consider what you are going to install and update. It will be done in the background each time you start your computer.

All devices. Personal computing can be very complicated when our phone is different to a tablet, and a tablet is different to our laptop. That is not the case with the new operating system. It will run on all of those Windows devices. This makes personal computing and using different devices much easier for everyone. If you can use your Windows smartphone, you can use your laptop too.

More cloud. Cloud computing is already everywhere. The new Windows integrates more cloud directly into the system. This means applications will be using the Internet and yet they are not used inside your browser. An application won’t need updating as it is actually on the Internet itself. You can save your files on a server, and all of those files will stay the same on all of your devices.

No more crashes. You can make better use of your computer support services when you are talking to them about new ideas and not fixing your personal computer. The Windows system has a factory reset. This means if everything goes wrong, you can reset it yourself with one button and this means it will be just the way you first installed it – without losing any of your files.

These are only some of the features that will make using Windows much easier for many of us. Computers and operating systems should have been this simple when they were invented many years ago. We are now in an age of consideration for the user, and Microsoft is demonstrating that.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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