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Prepare to be amazed with Lumia | Not just another phone

Nokia Lumia stylishGet instant updates with super-fast mobile browsing you will like the designs that match your lifestyle, now you will experience the amazing things everyday.

Do you like to live stylishly?

Nokia is now with Windows Phone which combines the best in stylish mobile phone hardware with the amazing software. What you get is the colorful touch screen with Nokia phones that not only looks stylish, but you will come close to all the important things in your world.

Nokia LumiaNow you can comfortably hold and endlessly keep touchable phones which are made for whatever the world brings your way. Get the Clear-Black display technology, which gives you the benefit of a super bright screen for crystal clear visibility when you love to be about.

And those clear pictures will show you all the things that matter, from your friends and family, to music and movies, to the World Wide Web, the huge world and your work.

Nokia Lumia SociallyDo you live socially?

Now you can be at the heart of Nokia with Windows Mobile Phone. In the world population you will get access to everyone you know with just a single click. It is their where being social things starts. And now you will have no need to get separate social network apps to see what is happening, here all the latest updates from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be opened straight from the front screen.

And there is so much more. You can pin your nearest friends, lovable family and groups to your start screen for easy access. FB Chat and SMS can integrate to let you continue the conversation in the most convenient way. And you can move from pocket to photo and to Facebook within seconds and to a HD type camera.

Nokia Lumia no BarriersDo you live without barriers?

Now Nokia with Windows OS Phone comes with lot of features which are designed to make your life easier and more entertaining, what ever you like to do.

The Two most advance functions Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps will give you comprehensive mobile navigation with the insider knowledge to make you feel like if you are there. After a long entertainment if you like to go for work, then Microsoft Office Mobile will give you the tools to meet any thing regardless wherever you are on the move.
The best thing is the super-fast browsing it is just a click away which comes with Internet Explorer 9. Now you have to decide where on the web you like to move and what you like to enjoy online.

That is what you will get with Nokia Lumina the windows phone now you can avail your two great models of NOKIA LUMINA The 710 and 800 Models.
Published by IzajAhmed Shaikh.
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