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Financial Advantages to Earning a Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of CommerceThe median income of college graduates is about 60 percent higher than the median income of high school graduates. Obviously, there are financial advantages to earning a college degree. The specific type of degree that you earn, however, could significantly impact how much money you make when you enter the workforce. In many cases, having a Bachelor of Commerce makes it easier for graduates to find high-paying jobs.

Income Potential for Graduates with Bachelor of Commerce Degrees

Bachelor of Commerce degree programs prepare students to understand and participate in the basic management of businesses. Most programs allow students to focus on a core subject that lets them develop skills that interest those most. Students, therefore, might choose to concentrate on classes related to accounting, business management, marketing, sales, banking, and similar subjects. When these students graduate from college, they are often better prepared for management-level jobs. That means many companies want to hire them more than students that have Bachelor of Arts degrees without core concentrations in business.

In 2009, the median income of college graduates was about $40,000. The typical entry-level accountant, however, earns about $44,000. Entry-level loan review officers earn about $46,000. Online banking managers earn about $66,000. Having a degree that prepares you for the business world can obviously have an impact on how much students earn after graduation.

Learning Business Skills for a Higher Income

It's not surprising that the average Bachelor of Commerce student earns more than the average Bachelor of Arts student. Bachelor of Commerce programs combine academics with real world knowledge that students need when they enter the workforce. They not only provide theoretical knowledge that challenges students to expand their worldviews, but also the basic skills that they will need to understand when they start their jobs. Most Bachelor of Arts programs, however, only focus on academic issues. They can challenge students to learn new materials and develop interesting skills, but few of these skills are directly applicable to the jobs that they might get after graduation. That means BA students often start working at lower pay rates than BAC students.

Earning a Bachelor of Commerce has some obvious advantages. Perhaps the best thing about these programs, though, is that they allow students to pursue their unique interests while also gaining the skills that future employers want job applicants to have. That means they get the traditional college experience as well as real world training that can help them earn higher incomes.
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