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Convert PowerPoint PPT to video AUTHORSTREAM

how to convert powerpoint presentations to videos - Those were the days we use to create PowerPoint presentations, to show our project seminars in college, or business presentations were also very famous to show as slide show to the clients, many of us have various types of PowerPoint presentations available with us.

Since 2000 the MLM people also were presenting their business opportunities to people using the PowerPoint slides from their projectors to explain the business.

Now AUTHORSTREAM, is ready with a software which can convert all our available presentations to videos and later we can add them to YOUTUBE or make video CD’S which can be played in video formats on various video devices and present our business to clients to get best business, also we can send the videos to mobile phones and make our business fast.

Let's See the Highlights

Retain PowerPoint effects: The video of your presentation retains all the effects of the original presentation - animation, sound and video remain intact

You choose the video format: Download the converted video in different formats: .MP4, .WMV, .AVI and .FLV

Send directly to YOUTUBE: You can simply send your video to YOUTUBE right from your AUTHORSTREAM account, with a couple of clicks

Embed in FACEBOOK or your BLOG: Embed video in your BLOG, FACEBOOK and play even on your DVD player

Converted videos work on mobile devices too: Play video on your favorite - Blackberry, IPOD, IPHONE, etc. (no need of Flash)

Download in any format; send to YOUTUBE, share on FACEBOOK or your BLOG!

So why wait go now and get your PowerPoint Presentations converted with AUTHORSTREAM

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