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How to Install the New Windows 8 from a USB

how to install the Windows 8 download from a USB device -Although there is a way to install Windows 8, the operating system is only a developer version. There is little in the way of computer support. Here is how to install the Windows 8 download from a USB device if you are really interested.

The new Windows 8 download is available as a developer version for all those who want to install Windows 8. There is a catch, this version is not an update and requires a full and clean installation. The new version is downloadable, and that means anyone can get a copy and try the install. In this article, we take a look at some of the main steps required if you wish to try this very new version of the operating system. You should be warned, this is a developer version, and there is little in the way of computer support. If you are not someone who is confident with computers, you should think twice and wait for the full consumer version.

Prepare and backup: If you only have one machine this is not recommended unless you are prepared to do some work yourself. If you are just so keen to see the operating system in action, you should backup all of your files. This is one serious advantage of using more cloud computing – there are less files to backup. You should make a full carbon copy of your existing system. This means you can go right back to where you are if you want. If you don’t know how to make a full carbon copy of your system and account, talk to your local computer repairs professional or someone who knows more than you. You really should understand this if you are going to mess with a developer copy of the operating system.

Download:Finding the developer version is a little different that just getting a standard download. Look for the BUILD day 1 keynote speech video and you will find various locations to download the operating system installation file – the best copy is available at the Developer Site. Again, remember, this is a developer version and so it is worth watching the keynote speech for important information.

USB: We could burn a DVD from a ISO disk image file, but the days of DVDs are going fast, and so it is worth getting used to the idea of only using files. The final version for consumer use will be a complete download online. This is working successfully for Apple with the new Lion OSX, and there is little too that. With the developer version, it is not an upgrade, so you cannot just install it. In this case, we are looking at how to use a USB. Make sure you have a 4GB, or larger, USB stick and it must be formatted to the FAT32 format. Do a usual format and make sure you right click and set to FAT32.

Save, copy and install:Downloading the file is as usual. You can copy it to your USB after you have saved it to your hard drive. It may be a little slow if you save directly to your USB stick. Once the file is on the USB stick, it is only a matter of kicking of the installation file and following the prompts.

Warning:It is safe to say the developer copy of the system will have a number of bugs, and need more drivers. It could be hard to print something for example. You will need a relatively fast machine and this is not recommended for those who are not in the industry and have reason to work on it. You are going to find you will need your old operating system and put your computer back to the way it was.

There you have it. You can install and have a look at what the operating system looks like, and this is only recommended if you have a separate machine to do this.
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