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Is Digital Camera better than photographic film

Is Digital Better than FilmIt is a debate that continues to rage since digital cameras became mainstream – what’s best, film or digital? Certainly in the early evolution of digital cameras, film was still producing a higher quality image. But as technology improved, digital images have closed that gap to the point where there is virtually no discernable difference. Of course, a lot of it is going to come down to the quality of the equipment being used, but even today’s most basic digital cameras produce prints that are comparable to what you once got from film.

What’s the difference?

Film and digital are actually poles apart when it comes to how they capture information and turn it into an image. Traditional cameras record light onto film whereas digital cameras transfer the information onto an image sensor in what are termed pixels. The more pixels and higher resolution, better quality of a digital image, so with today’s technology, quality really shouldn’t be an issue. If you are going to compare prints, then a lot of it is going to come down the equipment used to produce those prints. Digital photo labs do a pretty good job, but you can get impressive results at home just by using a good colour printer and quality photo paper.

The benefits of digital images

The first and most obvious is convenience. You can snap away with a digital camera and delete what you don’t need later. With film, if you shot something that was out of focus or of poor quality, you were stuck with it. Storage and the “life” of digital images is also much better. Film will deteriorate over time while digital images are essentially computer files that can be stored indefinitely on such things as CDs, hard drives and thumb drives. The only issue is the reliability of the equipment the digital images are stored on. You can also process digital images yourself at home if you want to make prints without having to send them off to a photo lab.

The benefits of film

Purists will tell you that creating images off film is fun. Techniques and tricks in the darkroom can help make striking images that while capable of being created in a digital image, is much more fun to do than clicking a button on the computer. A skilled photographer will be able to manipulate the way light and other factors interact with the image on the film to produce prints of the highest quality. Many will also argue that flicking through a photo album full of carefully selected prints is far more social that sitting around a computer screen looking at hordes of images. Think of it this way – if you are looking at a friend’s wedding pictures, they are far more likely to be viewed in a physical album rather than on a computer screen.

The final word

When it comes down to it, digital cameras have taken over from film because of their simplicity and convenience. Today’s models, such as Canon cameras, come with so many different settings and options that they have removed virtually all of the guesswork out of taking photos. Film buffs will say this is no fun, but digital devotees argue that you can always switch to manual settings for a more pure photographic experience. Let’s face it, digital is here to stay and even the most ardent fans of film have been swayed by the technology and the ever improving quality of images.
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