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Author Profile URL cascading brings Picture in Google

Author Profile Image on Google Search Results - Friends, Do you know since some months we are seeing the profile images and Author URL in the Google Search Results. What is this and how the webmasters are doing this.

I had found a good solution for it We just have to cascade the about URLS in the html of our blogs, I did it and let you know how?

First of all we have to create a About me Page, if you are using the Blogger Blog in the custom html I will write for it and you can understand the things for other blogger platforms too.

So as we have the page options in the latest blogger platform and we have to create the About me page or else if you are using the older template then add a post about you in the blog.

Now if you are ready with your about you page of post just link the page or post on the sidebar of your blog under the about me option of your blog many of you have it on the sidebar and just add the URL of your Post or Page of About me and link to read more.. with a rel="author".

Next on the post footer of all you post pages if you have the author, many of you already had it posted by or published by and the author name, to that name add the google profile or plus profile to it placing the url and a rel="me" .

And now go to your Google Plus Profile and add your about the author link on the sidebar of your Google Plus About options by editing it.

I done it by reading the article on

And also if you dont understand this their is other option which is very simple and easy read it on
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